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Galaxy Watch, the dreaded battery drain appears


Hopefully this is only affecting me and a few others on facebook Ive come across but since an update to Wearable app on Saturday my GW is draining 100% over 24 hours, sometimes less.


I noted after the update it had set WIFI to always on, changed that, reset and still no joy, gone from 4+ days to 1 days maximum having to charge every night.


Maybe unrelated but Ive also noted the biggest drain is now watchfaces, hard to belive as I always use Tomcat and have done since receiving on 7th September, Health has always been my biggest drain some something has definately been tweaked on that update.


Just thought Id share in case anyone has this strange occurrence since update:


Galaxy Wearable :

Galaxy Watch Plugin :


Hi Gary,


I have the same file versions on a 46mm and is currently still drawing 1% hr 






Yeh, very weird indeed, I only know of one other user with same issue so obviously not widspread thankfully. Just noticed its not tracking sleep either since Saturday night, maybe other bits too I'll have to go through it all :( 

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