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Galaxy Watch, the clock is ticking down (pun intended)


Here in the UK all those that pre-ordered or got their hands on the Galaxy Watch on 7th September have now only until Friday to decide if its a keeper or going back. What is everyone who has faced issues with the Watch going to do?


I've requested a replacement today which apparently ships with anoyther 28 days cooling period and duo charger so nothing really to lose except my temper when it doesnt resolve my issues, if not I can just return again for a refund.


At least the issues seem to be appearing outside of this forum, the Facebook groups & odd Youtube video now, which to me is a big plus, they cant ignore the problem forever -


Anyway, interested to see what you are all proposing to do, or thos with the issues anyway.


beginning to wonder this myself..


I bought 2 one for me and one for the mrs and both have the same issues with the step, floor, HR readings being off :(


I'm also fairly sure that the GPS isn't that acurate as well - compared to a friends Garmin


not impressed Samsung - did you not even test these things before releasing to the public ?


How did you request a replacement if you don't mind me asking - I don't want to be stuck with these pieces of junk if Samsung are not going to address the issues ?



  - I used webchat this morning asking for a replacement or refund, they called me immediately and passed me onto web sales ( this is currently down as of 13:50 ) who arranged for DPD colection in the morning, they take the duo chargers too if you got them free.
I dont feel assured but they assured me my replacement will be here on Monday 8th October despite there being no UK stock currently. Nothing to lose so ill give it another crack and see where we are, hopefully a software update will appear during the new cooloff period..

Finally some publicity on these problems, thanks for sharing the Sammobile link!


Come on Samsung! Give us an update its the least we deserve after pre-ordering so far in advance otherwise you are going to get an awful lot of devices being returned.




Good luck. I'll keep you posted with my device. I've decided to hold out for a software update. If not I'll send, or take it in, for repair, as I've got the S3 to fall back on anyway  

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