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Galaxy Watch resting heart rate after OneUI


@AntS - Not one to bang on & on & on & on....but  


This shows complete opposite to what they have come back to you with, I think? The way its workng now will always give an incorrect RHR due to the fact it only measures when users are active, never when they are at 'rest'

This is my watch during sleep time (minimal movement), as you can see not one autoHR tracked.


Screenshot_20190712-114532_Samsung Health.jpg



This is my watch during active time (constant movement), as you can see lots of autoHR tracked.


Screenshot_20190712-114514_Samsung Health.jpg


I can confirm the above too. Identical issues to Gary. Constant auto heart rate data at night before latest One UI update. Absolutely none now at night, only during the day. Not going to upload log files. With all due respect done that with the previous heart rate issue's and all I got advised to do was reset or send in for repair. As soon as we got the One UI update the heart rate worked perfectly and I said all along it as a software bug. 


As far as I can see, the rhr is not recorded as being the lowest read value instead of average as was before

Mine is between 52-58 daily .


@AndreiV  - Yep, thats exactly whats happening now but only I think since the last update for me. It simply takes the lowest value during waking hours and sets that as RHR.


Very poor in my opinion, their answer via @AntS was completely the wrong way around which makes me wonder do they actually wear these themselves or have any to test?


It would take anyone 5 minutes to check this and confirm its a problem so why dont they? To add to that since the update last week all the good work from the OneUI update has been undone, HR tracking duringt workouts is back to ots old tricks of, well just not tracking anymore.



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Following up on this one, guys. I'm guessing the issue is still happening? If so, any luck from any of you with being able to produce and send the dump logs? (Just to add to my post above, the devs have advised producing the logs immediately after the issue happens.)


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Obviously frustrating for those who have this issue, however agree that sending the dump  logs would be advisable and beneficial.   Mind you I do not have a Galaxy Watch myself to test.


@AntS I've sent so many logs and screenshots but the response is always the same, they say it's fine and is working as meant.


Honestly, I do appreciate your help but they really dont care. RHR is not the lowest reading of the waking day, never has been and never will be in any fitness tracker. Its totally pointless at the moment for any HR activity, somehow they managed to undo the good work they did with HR workout tracking too.


Thanks anyway, your one of the good ones being let down by people who cant accept their work is perhaps flawed.


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I have kind of a similar/related problem: using SHealth, in the "Trends" section of the HR, if I select "Resting" in the options I don't get any data at all. Last measurement was in late May. It's hard to check if my "resting" hearth rate is improving or not now... I need to read every values manually? Urgh.

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