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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate

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In respect to using the Gear Tracker app on the Samsung Watch:

Power saving mode has to be turned off on the smartphone. The watch connects automatically to the smartphone if it's available, but receives no GPS signal because of power saving mode. 


I have sick sinus syndrome (Skipping heart beats and long pauses) I would like to know when the skipping is taking place and its frequency. I have set my Galaxy Watch to measure heart rate as  Always , and the dial indicator does show heart rate updating every second. But I am unable to download the complete data. 

I tried the following methods

  1. exporting from Shealth but the data is not continuous it only shows in intervals of 10 minutes or so
  2. I tried downloading the SDK and installing Dataviewer (ver 1.4) . But this also shows 10 minute interval data. 

Is there any way to get the complete data that is being gathered by the Watch?


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