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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate

Dunno, I've contacted them, sent multiple screenshots and also printed some screenshots and sent to service. Their resolution is : ordered parts from Samsung for replacement. I called them and they ordered a motherboard.
Fingers crossed

Nice! Please post here telling us if it worked or not. It will be helpful!

Of course, I hope to receive it back on Saturday, I'll give a feedback
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I contacted them and they told me that is normal so you can't expect much, just bad HR sensor i returned mine on amazon a week ago


Heard that they replaced the motherboard and I'll receive the watch on Tuesday.


Can't wait to check it


I had my motherboard replaced. No improvment afterwards. 






Exactly the same issues like before replacement?




SmartSelect_20190417-131121_Samsung Health.jpg


SmartSelect_20190417-131131_Samsung Health.jpg

Unfortunately nothing changed with a new motherboard :(


I bought the watch, had the same issues for 5 days and I returned it. But my friend who also bought one at the same time with me didn't have these issues(hr is constantly recording) so he kept the watch.

I asked him to give it to me for the day just to see if his watch would work on me also, because I really liked it and would buy it again if it works and just my device was defective. 

In the beginning it worked, I was even moving it around to see if some spot on the hand would cause trouble, but no, hr was constantly recorded. And then I didn't tackle with the watch, but just wore it along the day and when I looked at it (just at some random after 2-3 hours), it had already stopped recording 20 minutes ago. I tried to move it on the wrist to see if it will start tracking again, but no, completely stuck. And as always, I had to go to HR settings - change to Frequent, do one manual measure, then go to settings and switch back the HR setting to Always On. Then it started working again.

Pretty weird..... We tried this for 2 days and on my hand this happens just on random, while on his hand the HR readings never stop. And we wear it in the same fashion in terms of tightness, spot, etc...



With the motherboard replaced, same issues...Screenshot_20190418-183521_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20190418-183513_Samsung Health.jpg










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