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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate

I'm sorry, it was (clearly) a bad attempt at a joke. I meant trying to video your watch using your phone for instance while you are putting yourself through your paces in a HIIT workout.
No more jokes, I promise!


The worst jokes are when you have to explain them 🤣 I'll get my coat...

@Giedrius wrote:

I had exactly the same problem, it didn't display heart rate while pretty much doing anything but sitting. After the update I got today, it is fixed, heart rate was working during my run without problems. 

Well, I spoke too soon. While yesterday I was able to do short run and some hiking and saw somewhat accurate heart rate, today in the gym it was almost as before. At first I didn't start workout on my watch, during warmup it was showing 185, probably 2x actual heart rate. Later I started circuit workout in the watch and during heavy deadlifts it was showing 60 and then stopped altogether. I tried to restart workout multiple times, so I noticed, that heart rate app shows at least inaccurate heart rate if it cannot measure it at the time, while workout app shows  - -.  In short it sucks maybe a bit less than before, at least you can go for a walk and log your heart rate somewhat accurately, but during workouts it's totally useless. 

Oh dear, that sounds way worse than mine is even on the older software.

I would advise people to check out the GW watch app 'Gear Tracker'. Check out the Facebook page for more info. It costs a couple of £/$ but the developer is well on the case with all of these issues. Definitely worth a look.
I have joined the beta testing group for his next version of the app. You'll be surprised how many issues he has addressed (GPS, HR etc) and how the inbuilt software is to blame. I think he's our only hope to be honest.

I have the same issue.  Whenever I work out or do anything 'active' my watch will say my HR is 220.  Holy *****!  Scared the heck out of me, thought I was having a heart attack!  Glad to learn this has happened to others and I'm (hopefully) not dying.

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@sonnnet wrote:

this looks promising. I had almost given up on the thought of buying one. 

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Still very weird that this watch frustrates the hell out of me, they apparently from  all reports have an update but I can't get in in NZ!  Why not?  Samsung have done incredible damage to their reputation over this matter but why?


Hello guys,

I bought the Galaxy Watch 46mm and the same strange things happened all the time. When you stay still it measures the pulse fine when you move stops immediately. I even shave my arm, tighten the strap, little improvement, but still when you move stops to measure the pulse or get incorrect values like 216 bpm or as low as 29 bpm. 

I came from Fitbit Charge 2 and there are none of these issues.

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 When you go for a walk...

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