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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate

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Thanks for the reply. I have it set on running as that's the only thing that can track distance and is close to what I do. There isn't a HIIT setting which is annoying ! I've decided to shave my wrist where I will wear the watch to see if that helps. And I don't think the intense movement is a problem. The watch is tight and doesn't move around. It's just the sensor struggles to read HR when sweat is encountered which is really frustrating!! 


A chest band is something I don't really want to invest in but thanks for the idea! 


Again battery drain due Samsung Health

Screenshot_20190616-084112_Galaxy Watch PlugIn.jpg



@AndreiV  not for me..Screenshot_20190616_090742.jpg


I am interested in this watch but I'm highly dissuaded by all the issues and erroneous readings on the fitness side. I saw a comment on YouTube from someone who said that with having a military background they place their watch on the inside of their wrist for more accurate readings. Can anyone try this please and provide feedback as to their results?

I tried that when the watch was very bad at HR tracking, made no diffrence to me at all. Saying that its also fine for me now after the update.


Oh wow okay thanks for letting me know.


You state that the HR tracking has improved since the update, is it now quite accurate or just better than what it was before? Also, what sort of working out do you do, eg. running, weightlifting etc.


@Glero - Massively improved for me, take a look at my posts above, images of workouts showing tracking.


I'm do about 60 minutes each time, mixture of HIIT, barbell, dumbell, kettlebell, cable machine and corebag.


Gone from 20% tracking to pretty much 100% since the OneUI update. Calories still low but HR bang on.


@GaryBrett oh wow yes that's good, shame about the calories. How off would you say the calorie tracking is and have you tested it for sleep monitoring?


Not to deviate from the main topic at hand but I have seen speculation that the GW2 is expected to drop between Aug - Sep. How likely does anyone think this is to happen? If so that's not that far away so I'd most likely wait to see what Samsung offers on that front.


@Glero Hard to say really, comparing to Fitbit about 800 calories per day at least. It doesn't worry me so much I'm still putting in the effort.


I've also heard the GW2 is coming in September, makes sense as the original hit UK then too. If your not in a rush may be good to wait but the GW is very good now.

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