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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate


Purchased it back, in about one hour I'll receive it, can't wait to see if works for me

Started to get used with Garmin Fenix 5 although missing the bright and beautiful display of Galaxy Watch.


Fingers crossed


Got itSmartSelect_20190607-152330_Gallery.jpg




Found that my Galaxy Watch is missing from Samsung health steps as can be seen in screenshot



Any idea? I see there a gear s3 which I had one year ago but not my galaxy WatchScreenshot_20190607-160513_Samsung Health.jpg




I installed fw R805FXXU1ESD8 through odinnet, and hr worked perfectly for about 1 hour, then it froze when I was in the car and I had to reboot the watch to get it to work again. Is this the latest fw? Anyone with the same issue? 

For me works smooth, I'll try on workout to see.

I'm wondering how can I change the workout type order, on previous firmware with long press you was able to change in that circle but now I cannot see where to edit. I don't use swim etc, I wanted only run, walk, treadmill, weight machine etc.


Wow, Indeed the HR work much much better now, it is working perfectly.


Attached screenshot not a single drop. Although 2 times I had the feeling that the HR seems to be a little bit higher than actual HR (tested with the phone sensor and also with the Garmin Fenix 5 from my right hand), it was elevated but kept reading it, no flat line.


I'll go tomorrow to gym to see how it is performing on weights workout and weights machines (in gym my Fenix 5 almost every time was reading low values due to muscle streches)SmartSelect_20190607-220512_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20190607-220457_Samsung Health.jpg



@AndreiV - Glad it's better for you too mate. I tend to agree the HR for me tracks a little high compared to Fitbit but it's a constant level so I have a baseline to work at. On weights it's around 110bpm, rowing intervals 150bpm and hiit circuits around 140bpm.


Lunchtime walks are hitting 135bpm which seems very high, but as i say its constant so no problem.


It's great to have it working at long last, I'm very happy with it.


Cam from gym, not a single drop I'm really impressed this is how it should work. Hats off Samsung, finally fixed. I'm wondering why there are people who still have the issue, probably not wearing it in correct position and tight enough?


Check out screenshots

SmartSelect_20190608-140408_Samsung Health.jpg

I'm curious how people use Weight Machine in gym, pause between reps or sets? Between reps is not an issue, 30 sec-1 minute but between sets (2-3 minutes) counts and you actually do nothing but the watch count it as working out, that's why are hundreds of calories burned


Wondering if it's only me but I cannot see in Samsung Health steps, the watch.


Is this how's working since one ui?

Screenshot_20190608-141556_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20190608-141653_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20190608-141706_Samsung Health.jpg



@AndreiV - Good stuff, that is a load of calories your burning there, what workout you doing?


If you want to measure individual workouts you need to track separately, I just do it as one workout over the hour.


I've just done a quick swim with the kids, first time ever it tracked HR, very impressive..

Screenshot_20190608-130404_Samsung Health.jpg


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