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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate


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@GaryBrett , Is this it ? if not would you mind posting a screen shot pls. 


Updated to the new version yesterday. The problem stays the same for me. If I use the HR sensor in "frequent", sometimes it does not collect my HR stats for hours (it should happen every 10 minutes or so). If I use it in "always", sometimes it stops monitoring and I have to do the manual hocus pocus of changing it to "frequent", taking a measure and changing back to "always".

Also, every time my HR stops working, the wrist wake up function also stops. It really seems like a problem on the software side of controlling the sensors.


Yep, still same problem after update for me.

google suggests that for the AOD display to work, it needs to detect a heartbeat.

this suggests a problem with the sensors.

either the sensors on my watch are faulty, or I am dead

OVER TO YOU SAMSUNG TECH SUPPORT.......if they ever bother reading this.



I currently use the Active Fit Future watchface which shows HR updated every second or so, much improved. If I then click on that icon it loads the HR widget showing resting HR. I can also swipe left to show the Samsung Health Daily Activity as below.







Before OneUI



I thought all was well with the One UI on Galaxy Watch....however today on an hour and a half bike ride the heart flatlined after 15 minutes until 30 minutes, then again at about 40 minutes, then it went int pause and would come out of it. So an hour and a half ride shows as 49 minutes although the total time was from 7:35 to 8:57! I was really thinking Samsung actually made the watch do what it's meant to do but again I am sent backwards!

Nightmare, Ill give it another go this evening doing the same routine as above and see if it fails too?

Mines been perfect since the update until now! Just looked at the heart rate and it started doing the usual "flashing". Went into the SHealth app on the phone and the heart rate had stopped measuring since 10:10am. I manually started it again but switching it to never and clicking measure and back to always and all seems fine again now but maybe us thinking it is miraculously fixed could be mistaken! 


Pff, I just ordered mine for testing once again.


I believe I'll be thinking if I will send back my Garmin, I really thought Samsung managed to actually fix it...


@GaryBrett keep us updated please I'm really interested.


Could the persons who still have issue not wear it as it should be, higher on the arm and pretty tight? @lisafox16 how do you wear it?



Any, as requested heres todays lunctime stroll, looks prefect again..


Screenshot_20190531-153937_Samsung Health.jpg



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