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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate


Check out HR readings during sleep.


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@sonnnet wrote:
Gear Tracker/ Settings/ Connect with Strava

hi @sonnnet!

Glad you have things working now finally thanks to gear tracker. I maily play squash, run, and gym once in a while. Just curious, does this app record sports as well, or is it mainly a running/cycling tracker? (sorry if the question sounds confused). would appreciate a reply though. thanks.


We got the new update here in Australia.

The heart monitor still dissent work  properly


@sonnet, how many times does HR restart for you on GT? I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and still doesn't work that great for me. On a half an hour bike ride the HR will restart up to 15 times sometimes more. I restored the watch last night and went on another ride this morning and still have the same problem.


Just updated to the new firmware

The HR monitor is still terrible with frequent dropouts and wrong measurements. It often records approximately double my heartrate.


Screenshot_20190302-154156_Samsung Health.jpgTypical HR dropout while exercising.



Yep, thats about normal for me and I dont have any hope it will improve now, just putting it down to a bad buy and moving on once something else appears.


This image was my last circuit training workout, freshly rebooted, worn up the arm with sweatband holding it in place. Flicking back to the watch face showed HR was reading correctly just not tracked in S Health..


Interestingly 3 others doing same workout (2 x Fitbit, 1 x Apple Watch) showed constant HR and calorie count in the region of 480, mine was 260ish, got be down to the HR algorythm that one..


They were shocked how bad the Galaxy is at tracking and put the Fitbit users off the Galaxy Active they were thinking of buying.. Lesson to be learnt Samsung, fix historic issues before rushing to make more money 


Screenshot_20190302-144901_Samsung Health.jpg


Gary - it's strange that you're not seeing any improvement since the latest update. I'm seeing a huge improvement. Don't get me wrong I'm still seeing the occasional drop out but only occasionally. The other day at my desk it literally didn't record any heart rate and I only noticed at lunchtime but I just turned it off always, manually recorded heart rate for two or three times and then switched it back to always. It must be so frustrating that you're still having problems, as I know how annoyed I would be. Bear with it though as this latest update improved things for me so another one could help the rest of you. I'm sure it's software and only the algorithm needing a tweak. I will add though that when I worked with Garmin there were a fair few people who just couldn't wear optical heart rate monitors and had to resort to chest straps.

Mine is the same. The HR monitor is a POS.

Auto HR readin

sent stats to be analysed however this is badSmartSelect_20190304-112426_Gallery.jpg


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