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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate

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I have found siunce shaving an area under the watch the heart rate monitor needs to be set to continuous monitoring or it goes into fail mode again. The silly thing is that it would appear the watch is capable of doing this rask effectively and I have no idea why Samsung does not address the issue with new updated software. Now I find the sleep monitor is totally out of wack from time to time.


I am having the exact same problem.  My new Samsung Watch seems to accurately record my heart rate when I sit still but not when I move my arm.

I installed the AU Record app which is similar to Samsung health, it does show a constant heart rate but it's not an accurate reading.


Same here, the heart rate monitor is flashing the whole time but no readings.....

Well done Samsung....


Same here... I measuring fine when not moving. When I move or when the heart rate is above 100 (I don't know if it is one of them or a combination) I get a lot of gaps in the reading, green led is flashing all the time but no reading. And Samsung do nothing about it .... Shame on you Samsung 


Attached a screenshot during Weight machine workout


This is awfullSmartSelect_20181215-101259_Samsung Health.jpg



I bought samsung watch last week and have noticed that it does not capture heart rate while running. Have been using fitbit from last 2 years and have never faced any such issue. It is an important feature of smart watches and not sure why samsung is ignoring it or not able to fix it. 


Hi guys,

 I sent an error report from my watch to samsung but I received a standard reply telling me to wear the watch tighter on my wrist...blah,blah,blah.

Anyway, I deleted the Samsung S application and installed Endomondo- the one with the green icon.

To my surprise the heart rate reading was correct.

I checked it against the heart rate monitor on the treadmill and the one on my phone and it was working very well... constantly.

I suggest you guys try it out, you got nothing to Lose.


Thanks Paul.


Will try this in my tomorrow's run.


Have one question. If we delete S Health then how can we keep a track of steps? 

I have moved from Fitbit to Smasung and is too obsessed with the count of Steps taken during a day.


Just adding to the list to mention my Galaxy Watch HR is totally out of whack - I was just making a cup of tea at work and it showed at 140bpm. Measured it on my phone and it showed as 75bmp.


Looking at the forums it shows it's not just the Galaxy watch but seems to be the Gear range too


I AM wearing it in the right place on my wrist and it isn't too loose/tight - I wore my Fitbit just like this and it was spot on


Sort it out, Samsung

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Same problem for me... yesterday I was on my sofa, calm (real heart rate lesser 60bpm), my galaxywatch showed >200 bpm with several trials...

I think we have some real problems here...

I think I'll return my watch

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