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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate


Nearly a week of runs, bike rides, spin biking and it hasn't flatlined, I am hoping it's fixed!


What is changed? 


using Samsung Health it seems to be measuring hear rate continuously and not flatling for periods of up to 15 minutes.


Yeah all good for me too apart from a couple of incidents when it stopped measuring, once I manually changed it to read my heart rate and it started again, the second time it appears to have stopped measuring for 5 minutes and started back up again. All in all a vast improvement. Huge infact!!






Is it the Samsung health app on the phone or on the watch that solve the problem? Because here in Sweden there still is problem 





@GaryBrett , I'm trying to figure out what the fix was too. I started using the AOD option in setting on my watch when i work out. That helped but it does still sometimes give me the -- HR sign when it stops reading my HR during a workout. The only way I have found to help this is to constantly flip my wrist to kind of stop it from, what i think you call flatlining. basically it freezes you HR where ever it was. The upgrad that you are calling OneUI, I can't seem to find that in the Play store on my Samsung Note 9. When I look at the HR widget I do not see 'AVG Resting HR' as you mention below. 


From some of your other posts I was trying to find which watch face you were using, thought maybe that would help? When i use the AOD option while working out it still reverts back to the time. If i allow the time to show too long with out flipping my wrist up (which having to constatly think about takes away from my workout) the HR will freeze. 


I went into the Galaxy Wearable app on my phone and checked for updates and it tells me i'm completely up to date. I'm in the US are you ? is that maybe why ?


Like i said before I know my HR monitor works perfectly it's ONLY when working out that it's a problem. Its driving me crazy to know the hardware is good but this is clearly a software issue. Any direction would be great, thank you


@DrgFly - I'm in the UK using Galaxy Watch 46mm, currently using a copy of the Active Watchface, image below.


Check the screenshots below to see if you have any  of these and firmware number I've posted?


I never use AOD, HR always set to always and use Circuit Training as my workout option.


You wont find OneUI in play store, its installed via Wareable App..

20190606_214010.jpgActive watchface, HR updates every second all day


Screenshot_20190606-213913_Galaxy Watch PlugIn.jpgSoftware Version after OneUI


20190606_214036.jpgAverage HR now on HR widget since OneUI


20190606_214046.jpgDaily Goals added since OneUI



@GaryBrett  Thank you for taking the time to post those screen Shots. I'm posting some too. Our software seems to be different but that may be because we are in different countries. What I did realize is I can never find my Resting HR. Well it seems that function isn't active. So I will now search how to activate it. You will see from the screenshot it's somewhat grayed out. I tried to click it and it doesn't do anything. Maybe I should call Samsung support. Not sure. Did you ever have this issue?

Also there are like 100's of Active Watch faces, lOL i couldn't find one that looks like yours but I'll keep looking. Maybe i have to be using an active watch face for the resting HR to be active? Not sure but I'll try everything. 






daily goals.jpgdaily goalsGW current software.jpgGW current softwareNo resting HR.jpggrayed out resting rangeHR widget 1.jpgHR Widget once i click itHR widget 2.jpgHR widget

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