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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate





I have updated to the ONe UI and report that for 45 minutes run and 45 minutes on the spin bike the heart rate didn't flatline! I also didn't get the stupid message to wear the watch away from your wrist. Is it possible Samsung has finally fixed the hear rate problem?


@AndreiV- ok finally managed to give it a go and good results compared to before the update.


Pretty much tracked all the way through an hours workout no problem, had a flat spot on the cable machine but could have been my wrist bending too much.


Seemed pretty low HR on the resistance training but constant, during HIIT where I was jumping around it was perfect, as was rowing machine and bench presses.


All in all and tempting fate it worked exactly as I think it should have from day 1.


I've noticed also my resting HR has gone down to 56 from 65 which is more inline with Fitbit readings. 


Also whenever I used to leave the gym it was stuck on track from let's say 20 minutes ago, that never happened today and was live all the way home. Unheard of on the GW for me.


Long may it last, I'll keep it now if this continues. I'll post the screenshot in a bit


Excersizes tried.. cable machine, bench presses, rower, treadmill, hiit workout with corebags



That's great, this is how it should work

Not a problem if there is a flat line as long as it can read back the HR without manual interventions (restart, set to manually reading, etc) on its own, basically a sensor restart.

I'm waiting for my favourite shop to get a good offer and I'll purchase it back and return the Fenix 5. Beautiful watch but I'm not hiking, I need a more oriented Smartwatch with good fitness features rather than a fitness only Watch like Garmin.

Keep us updated Gary please
Yep. Seen the same improvements Gary even from my power walking workouts and general daily use. Like you whenever I stopped a workout the hrm used to take ages to start measuring again but not now. Agree also that the heart rate update on a watch face is more frequent now. Lets hope this is now it!

Here is the screenshot if anyone is interested, you can see the flatline briefly on the cable machine, looks like 10 minutes but it didnt show that on watch.. First 30 minutes low HR tracking on resistance training, last 30 on HIIT stuff fairly high.


Calories burnt same as always so I can only assume thats not related to the HR output, odd as I always thought it was..


Screenshot_20190529-173808_Samsung Health.jpg


From what I understand from my Garmin testing days, to pay an algorithm linked to heart rate was extremely costly and very complex. Garmin use a company called First Beat who are based in Finland or Sweden, or somewhere like that. I believe the algorithm that Samsung use is literally based on age, sex, weight etc, so pretty useless really. Calorie calculations are an extremely complex matter from what I was led to believe. 

First beat stuff looks amazing Lisa, I think I read somewhere they used to provide software on Samsung watches in the early days but Samsung decided they could do better.. perhaps they should revisit on GW2
can you post a screen shot of what app you downloaded. I was trying to find it and there were a lot of options for OneUI update. Is it an add on to the Samsung Health App? or a new Health App all together?
There is no app as such, it's just the Galaxy Watch update to OneUI, seems to have fixed a few old issues. You'll notice it on the Watch more than the Health App to be honest. Check if you have the new Active Heart in widgets?
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