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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate

I'm convinced to send it back in service

@AndreiV wrote:
I'm convinced to send it back in service

I wouldn't keep my hopes high. From the gigantic amount of users complaining about this I haven't read about anyone who had this issue and he got the watch repaired or replaced conclusively resolving the problem including myself. 


Performed a factory reset without restoring settings


See down my weights machines training...

Screenshot_20190420-110359_Samsung Health.jpg



Bought a Galaxy Watch Active for my wife and tried in gym today both watches (left hand with my Galaxy Watch and right hand with the new Galaxy Watch Active)


See the running on my Galaxy watch with flatline for almost 15 minutes (from 30 total workout) and below see the recordings from Galaxy Watch Active. 





Galaxy Watch active did an excellent job, lost the reading for like a minute and then started to record HR back while my Galaxy Watch was struggling for 15 minutes...
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My watch has been collected today for the 5th time by Samsung for repair.  The motherboard and HR sensor has been replaced twice.  It will be repaired for the 3rd time (I am assured) before they will consider any other solution to resolving the none functioning HR monitoring during workouts.  Don't know what they did the other two times they had the device.  This watch is just like their Note 7 and Galaxy Fold smartphones, it should not have been released.  I would like to see BBC Watchdog follow up on this issue and the poor after sales service of Samsung.

Out of curiosity what is the 'Other solution', refund? Keep us updated

No other solution. Send it back.


Try shaving hair off wrist and tighten watch strap so watch can not move around, worked perfect for me today on 1.5 hour cycle, first time I have not flatline since owning the wat h


Did that many times, sometimes worked too, sometimes didn't worked, could be a coincidence.


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