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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate


Good review by DCRainmaker which basically replicates what we've all experienced. Can't add link for some reason but check out:- 


Good reading!


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This just started happening to me over the past 2 weeks. Have had the watch for a month now. Everytime I go on a run, within minutes the HR flatlines. I thought I left these problems behind with Fitbit lol guess not.

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Happened with two different brands of watches? Maybe you need to check your pulse  😜

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It's really quite ridiculous that I cant find a decent watch where the heart rate will be consistently monitored even while running. About to just buy a chest strap monitor 🤣


Buy I Garmin Watch instead. I bought an Garmin Fenix 5, and I am superhappy. Selling my ***** Galaxy Watch.


@lisafox16 - From DCR review, this probably sums the Galaxy Watch / Active up - 


"Heart rate accuracy is an unmitigated mess. Pretty much the worst device I’ve seen in a long time, no matter the sport or app used."


Just sent mine in service, tired of inconsistenciesSmartSelect_20190408-175552_Samsung Health.jpg


SmartSelect_20190409-080712_Samsung Health.jpg


SmartSelect_20190408-175609_Samsung Health.jpg


SmartSelect_20190408-175601_Samsung Health.jpg


SmartSelect_20190408-175619_Samsung Health.jpg


SmartSelect_20190408-175535_Samsung Health.jpg


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Good lord it's painful to see how old this post is, and for me to have this problem still in April of 2019.


I'll be lucky if my Galaxy Watch obtains my heart rate for the first 5 mins of a walk (yes, a walk - low intensity, sweat free walk). I don't even know why I physically initiate a run on my Galaxy Watch because there's honestly little chance it'll trace. If I had to give an honest estimation, given my three most common types of exercises that I do (walk, outdoor run, outdoor bike), I would have to say my Galaxy Watch has been able to track my heart rate 25% of the time, otherwise I'm flatlining at what the watch last detected (e.g. a 40min run flatlined at 65bpm).


Let is be known that I wear my watch snug, as I hate dislike when my watch is flying around. Also, that I have tried it both tighter and looser to no avail. I have my heart rate sensor set to always on. 


I was in the market for a watch that supported the basics of a smartwatch (Galaxy Watch was acceptable as its app selection is puke worthy, but it covered the basics), internal storage (Galaxy Watch has plenty enough, and supports Spotify - Bonus!), and had a reliable heart rate monitor (we all know my opinion on this by now).


I rarely had an issue with my Fitbit Charge 2 when it came to heart rate sensing, besides when I was drenched in sweat (that I can understand). I understand that this watch isn't labeled as a 'Fitness Tracker', but c'mon, heart rate sensing at this time is just a fundamental component. Especially when you have your own dedicated health app and are charging this much sweet $$$.


In summary, I am dissappointed with the product. The shotty heart rate sensor is a massive nail in the coffin for me. Even for the average, not overly fitness focused individual, this watch will fail for you, as a walk won't even provide you with a reliable heart rate tracing.


I'll be returning this Watch in a couple days and will continue shopping around! Open to suggestions!


Mine is in service, heard that they will replace the motherboard as already placed an order to Samsung


Looking forward to test it when it comes back


Are these motherboard replacements actually working? It seems the HR sensor problem is a software control issue.

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