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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate

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Hi all,


I think I fixed the issue on my Galaxy watch. As the default, the HR monitor is set to record your HR at every 10 mins interval. I had to switch it to "Always" active and it has been working fine.


To do this, on your watch scroll to HR monitoring and find the settings (it was a bit tricky), but that should fix the problem.


Not sure what it has fixed for you but perhaps something different to most of the the posts on this thread?


The issue raised here is that the HR sensors either freeze or stop during workouts, tracking during normal day to day use hasnt been a major problem that I am aware of. Mine has been set to always since day 1 (Sept 7th) yet almost never records a full 60 minute workout, as I stated above it stopped 29 times in 60 minutes last week 


Day to day however is absulutely fine

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Can I ask how you can tell Gear Tracker has restarted the HR monitor 29 times? Is there some kind of log where you can actually see this, or do you simply count your ‘flatlines’? 


I use Gear Tracker as well, and love this app. Not sure however whether it actually improves HR readings compared to say Strava. Main reason I prefer GT is ability to customize layouts, both during and after exercise, anong others.


I have experienced the same issues as everyone else in this thread, however I have to say that over the last couple of weeks I have achieved HR Readings during exercise that I am satisfied with. Yes, there are still occasional drop-outs, but they do not last for long, and probably do not materially distort results, neither real-time nor post exercise reports. I think both the Strava app and Gear Tracker provides me similar comfort of fairly accurate HR readings.


Latest firmware update was just released this week-end where I live, not sure yet whether this improves HR data even more. I am however happy to say that I have moved from ‘disaappointed’ to ‘cautiously optimistic’ with respect to the HR monitoring capabilities og the watch.


My GT does not restart HR monitor. Always get a flat line after reading of initial 2-3 mins of my running. 

@Fjosok On the HR screen, the HR title is HR(xx), where xx is the number of restarts.

Mine freezes, no matter what. Day to day, workouts, anything. And this behavior is not restricted to the HR sensor. All the sensors freeze at the same time, and it happens suddenly. I know that they are frozen when I try to check the time and the wrist-movement wake up does not work. Sometimes they stay frozen for hours, or all day long.


I tried all the possible fixes that I found on the internet. Reboot, reset, hard reset. Nothing works. The sensors come back to life again when they want to.


Check out always on HR readings, up on the arm, wear pretty tight.



SmartSelect_20190316-122735_Samsung Health.jpg




However in the morning, during workout everything went smooth, being wear tight SmartSelect_20190316-123243_Samsung Health.jpg



Again freezed for good minutes


What a shame...SmartSelect_20190316-212122_Gallery.jpg



I think I've found a solution, I've moved the watch higher on the arm, 2 fingers from the wrist bone as written in the manual. Actually 2 fingers are exactly in the middle of the watch (where actually the sensor is). Worked out in gym for almost 90 minutes, not a single drop. 




Although during workout was smooth, I've found the sensor stopped blinking now and last read 5 minutes ago. Had to disable HR and move back to automatically to start blinking and reading again 


What a shame

SmartSelect_20190317-140917_Samsung Health.jpg


SmartSelect_20190317-140904_Samsung Health.jpg



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