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Galaxy Watch not counting floors

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Hi everyone. New to forum and new to samsung wearables (though used phones for years). I switched from fitbit to the galaxy watch a few days ago and im so disheartened at the tracking innacuracies. The most obvious is the floor tacking. In half a week it says ive climbed ONE floor. Im very active. Up and down stairs all day both at home and work. Ive tried reboots, software updates, factory settings etc for both watch and phone and it makes no difference. Is anyone else having these same issues? Really dont want to return the watch as it looks great but at present its not fit for purpose as my main reason for having it is to track fitness. Any help/advice etc greatly appreciated.

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Same issue here. Galaxy parameters is set by default to 3 meter climb to count as 1 floor. In an average UK home stair climb is 2 metres plus but, less than 3 metres. Samsung simply need to reset this parameter to say 2 meters. A simple quick software patch will fix this issue.
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Interesting, thanks jeeves. Ive recently had a software update sent through since posting that and although the watch is still nowhere near as accurate as my fitbit, it is improved. Probably picks up one set of stairs in three, on average.
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How hard would it be to put this parameter (3 meters) in a setting (for us to change to 2 meters).


And while they are at it, they can also make the start-counting-steps a variable (where it is now 15-20 steps).



I also cant believe Samsung haven't sorted this :(


how hard can it be to add options to adjust the sensitivity of the Step Count and Floor count ? they added an option in the Health GPS Location for accuracy... 


it honestly feels as if the software has been designed by a child in their bedroom ? 


bixby, step count, floor count, Calorie Count, HR Count - did anybody test the Galaxy Watch before it was released ??




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Fitbit is significantly more accurate with counting: steps; floors climbed; calories burnt; HR tracking;etc. It also has a Spinning Sports monitor application which then converts exercise into steps. If you use total steps I.e. watch and phone then, when you sync.....why doesn't the watch record update too?
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