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Galaxy Watch music app says "connect to phone" when phone is connected.


As per the above. 


Watch is on latest tizen

Phone is Nokia 8 with Android 8.1.0


Everything works and syncs fine.

But the music app - displays the "artist image" for the song playing (in amazon music or any other music app on the phone).. but does not allow me to pause, play, skip track... and has a permanent "connect to phone" under the controls... which of course cannot connect (despite the watch being obviously connected).



further to this.


I have factory reset the watch. - to no avail.

Tried to make it work with Amazon Music, Google Music, MX Player, Youtube ... displays album art correctly. but says "connect to phone". 


I then tried to use the spotify app and spotify on the phone. Works perfectly.


This shows that Music app version 2.1.9 by Samsung is faulty in some way... since the spotify app is able to send correct bluetooth media signals between watch and phone.

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Me too,I couldn't play music on phone,im using nokia 6.1 plus and samsung galaxy watch,

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Just wanted to chime in and say I have the same issue. Samsung Galaxy Watch and Nokia 7+. I am unable to use the music player app to control music on the phone (it wants me to connect to phone even though I am connected). I am also unable to use Spotify as a remote to the phone (not sure if this is the same issue, or a completely different one).


Hoping for a fix soon. 

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Me too has the same issue with my Nokia 7 Plus and Galaxy Watch...



But it worked perfectly with Gear S3 Frontier watch...

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same with Nokia 7.1


So now I have bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. 


I can report that the watch connects perfectly fine with the new phone.


Meaning that the issue is definitely with the Nokia 8 phone that I had.


same problem with gear s3 and nokia 6.1 plus

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Same problem with Galaxy Watch + Nokia 6.1 :(


This issue is 4 mounth old... Is support would react on this?

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any solution????????????????????

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