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Galaxy Watch - google assistant


It does work. However you can't do advanced things like setting an alarm, a reminder or something like that. You can interact with Google services but nothing on the device itself, which makes it quite useless.


Isn't it possible for samsung to make an update that activates the google assistant on the phone it's connected to (only android i think because at apple phones it will activate siri). I use the google assistant on my BT earbuds all the time and it works perfect (i set the G-assistant to be activated by bluetooth headphones even if the screen is off) so why not let the watch act the same way? 


Because Samsung still believes in Bixby to beat Google Assistant so they try to force users to use it.

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Come on Samsung, give us google assistens on the active 2 watch... Bixby don't even understand swedish, so it's just awful to use for 85% of the worlds population. Get into the game and fix google assistans asap. Listen to the community once and do the right thing.

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what i wanna be able to do is to just simplay say "ok, google. set an alarm on 7min" but in swedish. That is what a smart watch is for... it's just so stupid and a bad move of you samsung to not implement this to the watch... stop being stupid now.

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