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Galaxy Watch - google assistant

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Indeed it is terrible bixby is nowhere near what Google assistant is. But that's because simply of many many many more years of gathering data of millions of users voices and text messages. Bixby will never catch up but they're going to give it a shot I guess. What that means simply is it's impossible that they would ever switch and allow you to use GA unless there was absolutely no choice only when they couldn't sell one watch. Because if they don't force you to use it then the machine will never learn the dictation will never get better and the system will die. So either you kill the system and you use Google assistant or you force all users to use Bixby and sell less products. It's all sad but true

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Just to reiterate everything others have posted on here, Bixby is utter *****. I am disappointed at the lack of communication from Samsung to put this right.

My watch is going on eBay as it is a complete waste not having the voice functions.


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Yurp... 260 Suckeroos. 


Awaiting the Pixel Watch and this will be going on Ebay too 👍



 Because if they don't force you to use it then the machine will never learn the dictation will never get better and the system will die


But no-one is using Bixby as its utter sh*te , Samsung cant force anyone to use it so its pretty much dead now. In my humble opinion they should cut their losses, shut down the Bixby team and open up Tizen to allow Assistant & Maps as a starter.


But they wont, end user feedback doesnt mean that much to them in my experience. money floods in so dont fix what isnt broke. The moment Google release (rumoured October) a Pixel watch I think Samsung may regret their decisions, they struck gold releasing when they did as WearOS is currently offering nothing groundbreaking..

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If you talk to Bixby in an asian accent, it actually understands you. Clearly developed by the asian culture for the asian culture. Please hire a US English program trainer for Bixby so the other side of the world can also use it or just allow Google Assistant to install on the watch.

Are you listening to your paying customers Samsung? If GA isn't a choice, Apple always is. 


As I'm speaking I am using Google Assistant. This is not from my watch because I did not purchase one for the reason I cannot use Google Assistant. You lost a customer in me Samsung as the S9 plus I have will be the last Samsung product I buy.


As the tide of #bixbysucks continues to rise. we shall see if the Korean mind wakes up and #freegalaxywatch!!!!

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Guys, check out my app on xda developers forum. - its currently in open alpha stage. It brings google assistant to galaxy watch and other Tizen smartwatches.


Going to need a better link than the reference you provided.  At least from the USA it comes up with two characters

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