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Galaxy Watch calorie algorithms


Does anyone know how Samsung code their calorie algorithms, maybe I'm misunderstanding them. @AntS 🤔


I always select circuit training or other workout when doing my gym work on the GW, over 60 minutes it pretty much always reports 300 calories.


Monday I changed to treadmill mode, did exact same workout and it reported 556 calories


Today I set to swim mode as I thought 300 seemed low, did the exact same gym workout as usual and it reported 987 calories.


Surely calorie burn should be around the same mark if you do the exact same workout regardless of which mode you choose on the watch? Effort is the same, HR through workout seems the same so why does swim/treadmill produce higher numbers?


Anyone have an idea, I think 300 is low to be honest.




Just an update for anyone who comes across this in the future - Spoke to Samsung UK via Facebook, apparently the GW isnt suposed to measure calories by the amount of effort you put in or HR zones.


Its all pre-configured so basically pointless during workouts, Im now using LifeSum to manually record workouts after.

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Same issue. During circuit training every 30 minutes hits 259 calories regardless of my heart rate. Very annoying 

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After you import S-Health HR data into Endomondo or Strava, you get also diferent calorie values, even you set properly same sport activity :( The same with Garmin etc. data. So only your relative progress has some meaningful value.


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