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Galaxy Watch and Spotify Battery Usage


Ignoring that Spotify uses approx 20% per hour of the battery during offline/streaming playback I have noticed that the Spotify App always seems to be running and according to my 'test' outlined below uses 5%+ of a full charge even if you never open the app. This seems wrong to me.

Full Charge without Spotify Installed


Spotify Installed, watched switched off battery recharged to 100% and then switched on.


After 1.5 days normal Usage - 56% battery used - 12% on Spotify despite the app not being opened. That is 6% of full charge going on an app that is never opened (nor added as f widget) etc.  


Surely this is a bug???


Strange, I'm using Spotify all the time and this is how my battery stats are like. I'd rather say that there is something wrong with the battery not the software issue. My Watch lasts for 5 days easily with Spotify installed and used quite often.

On the other hand it would be nice if this all is redesigned by Spotify especially after a cooperation was announced when Note 9 was revealed. Not being able to change the volume when using the app as remote to control Spotify on the phone is quite frustrating. And the all doesn't show anything very often if phone is locked etc. and need to be unlocked and run Spotify to make it working on the watch.


Do you keep your WiFi on? This may cause the app connecting maybe

Screenshot_20180919-120859_Galaxy Watch PlugIn.jpg





5 days? On a 42mm or 46mm?? 42mm is quite 'small' compared to 46mm. 

Good to have other feedback. No, I don't keep wifi on or on auto.

A few questions:

How are you using Spotify? Offline saved? Streaming live over wifi? remote?

Not sure it can be the battery as if I delete Spotify there doesn't seem to be an issue.


Btw, when streaming what options do you have under my music? Just Playlists and My Collections?


Just not sure how to answer the question about how I use Spotify so I'll try to make it clear. I do keep my music on the phone and I'm using the app to control Spotify installed on the phone as remote. I just open the app on the watch and I forget about the phone in my pocket. I didn't see any difference between music saved offline or streaming, doesn't affect the battery usage on the watch. Picture no 1 show what I exactly see when using the app.

I am using the bigger 46mm version and I know the battery is better but still I don't think you should see 1 day and few hours when your (if it's 42mm) is charged to 100%.

Picture no 2 show the stats of the Watch 42mm which belongs to my girl. Estimated time is nearly the same as yours but there's 69% battery left. And she does have Spotify installed she just didn't use it since yesterday so you can see it on the lot but the app does not cause any draining issues. 


I don't use the stream option in the watch app, I find this quite useless for me. Propably using this in stream option is causing the drain, I only use it for remote as mentioned before 20180919_124538.jpg






It is strange


Yes, that could be where the difference is.

I am using Spotify downloaded playing via the watch i.e not using the watch as a remote. (Unsure if I have to still be logged in to do this but I could try logging out of Spotify on the watch)

Without Spotify usage I am getting over 2 days. But I charge at end of day two as it fits within my routine. Not sure if I would get a full 3rd day out of it.


App definitely needs work imo. 

There doesn't seem to be away to listen to offline tracks without being logged in. But logging in quickly is difficult sometimes as it doesn't seem to be able to choose wifi over Bluetooth or vice-versa when streaming or remote is selected. So I often have to switch one off during this process.

I am sure it will improve over time. 


Oh yeah, they have to work on it definitely. I tried to use is it through the WiFi stream like you said yesterday and it doesn't allow me to log in, telling me that I use the wrong password all the time. I'm loving through Facebook but I have the premium account so don't know what is wrong. Account is not mine, my girl is owner of the main account and she added me as family member so maybe that's why

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After installing Spotify battery life dropped significantly. Else map my run has the same issue. Even if I don't open them both these apps use considerable amount of energy.

This is really strange, I think there must some kind of correlation with other app. I've been using Spotify quite a lot today as remote (as mentioned before I do not use Wi-fi option cause the app doesn't allow me to log in for some reason) and my stats look like on the sreenshot. 

Ho do you use the app? Stream on WiFi or remote?

If it's stream on WiFi I would suggest to turn on WiFi when Spotify I not in use, maybe this is causing the drain of battery when it's connected all the time.Screenshot_20180922-144505_Galaxy Watch PlugIn.jpg




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