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Galaxy Watch and DND on Samsung S6




I have Galaxy Watch 46mm and phone Samsung S6 with Android 7.0


I was using those devices so that I had DND mode on S6 and only favorites contacts were notifing me. If notification came up on phone for example from Whatsapp, Viber or Messanger so my Galaxy Watch notify me too (sure that only contact which I have liek favorite or apps which have allowed it in DND on phone)


2-3weeks ago there were some update for Watch or for Galaxy wearable app (I am not sure what it was) and Galaxy Watch are not currently working in same way. If I have some notification for example from Whatsapp on my S6 (phone is in DND) so notification is not coming to Watch or if it arrived to Watch so it is not vibrate or play sound. And this was working few weeks ago!!


Currently it looks that native apps are working correctly, becuase calls are vibrating on Watch. For me it looks really so that 3rd party apps have some trouble if I have on my phone DND and some notification appears.


If I have turn off DND on phone so all notifications are working good!


I tried reset to factory settings my Galaxy Watch, application Galaxy Wearable was deleted in phone and reinstalled. 

No changes, still same.


Do you have any idea?

Can you try if it is same on your side?

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I'm having the exact same problem with my S8+ and Galaxy Watch 46mm.


It's very frustrating as it worked fine before in DND mode, all notifications were coming through fine.


Hopefully we find a resolution soon! 


Thank you for confirmation.

I just tried it on S10+ and same situation, it looks that native apps working but 3rd party doesnt work!


Nobody else same trouble?


And what about somebody from Samsung, will be some fix for it?


It is not only  about me, It is really serious trouble and I think for everybody who is using DND mode on phone connected to Galaxy Watch.

still no solved, please Samsung do something!
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