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Galaxy Watch Swimming tracker not working

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I am using 42mm galaxy watch. Previously swimming tracker seems to work correctly like length strokes and laps but now its not working. It stopped tracking activity and i dont know why, when i start swimming tracker it start waterlock mode but not tracking any activity.

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After updating the firmware i have exactly the same problem....


any solutions?

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Nope, still same issue.
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I have the same problem.

Been using my Galaxy Watch 46mm for swim tracking 3 times a week for the last 9 months.

2 weeks ago it stopped tracking mid session and hasn't worked since.

Try soft reboot, hard reboot and factory reset twice.

Can anyone at Samsung help ?


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I've got the same issue looking at returning as not fit for purpose

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Have have exactly the same issue since the last update....

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I also have the same issue, cannot access any swim settings after last update, very annoying!

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Will sell and buy a Suunto 5 if no update within a month
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A quick update on the Swim Tracking issue that I’ve been having.


Finally but the bullet and took the watch to the Samsung Service Centre (Manchester) expecting the old water damage excuse.


They Re-Flashed the software on the watch before booking in for repair.


Just  got back from the pool and the watch is finally Tracking again.  The accuracy is still a bit out but think that’s down to my lack of technique 😀


If you have a Samsung Service Centre locally then I’d recommend taking it to them for a Re-Flash.


Hopefully that will help with the problems that we are all having.  Fingers crossed...


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But how do you set the swim settings? That's our issue, where do you set the switch settings after latest update??

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