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Galaxy Watch - Sleep and Steps not working

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For the past week or so, I'm only recording 1 to 2 hours of broken sleep while at the same time showing hundreds of steps taken. I do not sleep walk. I'm also seeing way more steps than I should normally be seeing - above 20,000 yesterday when I was pretty sedentary. Heart rate tracker seems to be functioning normally. 


Pretty frustrating as these are the two things I mostly use the watch for. Thought I would check the forum before sending it in. Thanks.

TessM Moderator

Hey @HeberNeil ,


are you able to provide us with the following info:


-Phone model and software version.

-Are the Samsung Health app and Wearable app up to date?

-Are you wearing the watch correctly? You can find how to wear this here. 

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Samsung Galaxy S10+; Android 9; version G975U1UES2BSKA

Galaxy Watch; model SM-805U

Gear Wearable app -; reloaded today

CarloL Moderator

Thanks for that. Let's make sure that the watch is running on the latest software version: Samsung wearable app > About watch > Update watch software > Update now. Also, turn the location OFF and ON: Menu > Settings > Connections > Location > Turn this OFF and ON. Also, have you set up Samsung Health on your S10+?

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Just checked; running the most recent version of Galaxy Wearable app on my smartphone and the Tizen watch software. Also on most recent update for Samsung Health.

CarloL Moderator

Thanks for that. Now, make sure that Power Saving Mode is turned off: Settings > Device maintenance > Battery > Turn off Power Saving Mode. Also, ensure "Workout detection" is enabled on your smartwatch: Samsung health app > Settings > Workout detection > Select each relevant excersise. Finally, restart the watch and the phone. Does it help? 

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