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Galaxy Watch Sleep Tracking


I was having the issue with my Gear Sport. It also measured 20k steps when I was just driving around one day. This was after I reset the device. I contacted Samsung support and they ended up fixing it under warranty. So far so good.

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Im having the same issue too and this is on the new Galaxy Watch Active. I don't mind it as I can go into the app and delete the miscalculated sleep but it's a bit of a nuisance.


So i contacted samsung about the watch tracking sleep when im awake

I was advised to turn the heart rate tracking on permanently 


I have done this and so far its been working as it should

And nonreal difference in the battery life


Ha thanks for the update

How long does your watch usually last for on screen on mode? also what type do you have?


I have the 46mm and it last about 2 days (dies at night of the second day) I'm worried turning the heartrate monitor on permanetly will decrease my time to one day only.

I dont have screen mode on... i dont see the point in the face being on when im not looking at it lol
I also have the brightness down to around 5

It lasts around 3 days 4 at a push but thats just using it as a normal watch with notifications and alarms
If im out on a run i have the gps on and music playing commected to my headphones.... if i charge it before i go i can just about get 2 days
I have the 46mm using the stock face
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I have the same problem, tracks me as still sleeping 1 hour after I've gotten up, sleeping when watching TV, and says that I'm inactive while I'm out and about. I had a Samsung gear fit2 before and it didn't have any problems

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Any update so far, I have the same problem... Thanks.


I sent mine in under warranty. It's not adding extra steps, but still thinks i am sleeping during the day. I am selling mine on Facebook. 

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I have very different issue. Sleep tracking says no data (so nothing recorded) even my HR is on and measuring whole night. Have no clue how to fix it...

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Hey, have you got the last update... Although it brought some Japanese manga style interface, it also improved the sleep tracking, I think....

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