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Galaxy Watch Screen Brightness Problem

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I have same brightness problem resets to 3 everytime watch comes on. 


Hey everyone.  My watch had a small update push to it by Samsung via my carrier.  And guess what was NOT fixed.  Yep, the screen brightness issue is still there.  I have no idea what this update fixed if anything.  C'mon Samsung fix the screen brightness issue it's annoying!  

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Yeah. Mine had that update yesterday and it also made no difference to the brightness problem.  Pfffttt 

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To be far, the brightness issue wasn't mentioned in the patch note that came with the update. Seems like it's not a priority issue for Samsung! It's only a brightness issue, on a watch face! Who cares if you can see the display?!

Samsung, please remove the finger and get on the case! Please.

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I've noticed that when I use some digital faces the screen stays at the level I set it at usually 7.  It won't stay at all with every analog face I've used, it's weird no idea wtf is going on but it definitely needs to be fixed considering the price we pay for these ***** watches.  I just want a nice fully functional watch, especially one I can see the time at a quick glance or what a text says pretty hard with dim screen  

Dear Samsung, Regarding the watch auto low brightness issue, this needs to be resolved quickly. I am an Advanced IT Professional and did a little troubleshooting on my own to expedite the resolution as it is VERY irritating and needs a fix quick. It appears the issue is directly connected to the 'screen timeout' feature. When I place the 'screen timeout' to 5-minutes, the screen does NOT dim down to 3 - even though I have it set my display brightness to 10 - so the issue does not appear during the entire 5-minutes wait time for the 'time-out timer' to trigger. All is good until the 5-minute 'screen timeout timer' is reached (5-minutes), and then the screen dims (as would be expected) but the DISPLAY goes all the way down to 3 and stays there. Some kind of coding bug or a sensor issue. Please issue a fix quick as I just purchased my new phone today (December 08, 2018) and I have seen people complaining about this issue quite a way back in time. Thank you. By the way, turning on/off 'auto low brightness' resolves nothing - with the latest Galaxy Watch update installed today. [DECEMBER 08, 2018] In addition, it seems to me the 'auto low brightness' feature is 180 degrees backward. It seems logical (to me at least) the screen should 'go brighter' in low light, not in 'bright light' (vice versa) as it now appears to function.

I tried all 68 watch faces that I have which includes a lot of digital ones and it doesn't matter the brightness is still 3 when I am in a lightly lit environment and it goes back to what I have it set at (10) when I am in more light.  I understand they're probably implementing that to try to save battery life but before they implemented it I was happy with my battery life and it should be a choice whether I wanted to go dimmer in lessl light or not.


My watch always resets to brightness 3. I want my watch to be at 10 at night time. I dont care about battery life. Please fix samsung. I need it as brite as can be for work at night.  

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Same. D***. Issue. Just like others have mentioned, I've tried literally everything to no avail. PLEASE FIX THIS SAMSUNG.

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Same problem.  Brightness resets to 3 when display switches to AOD mode.  Samsung, I love the watch but this is very problematic for guys like me who have trouble seeing things at such a low brightness level.  I literally have spent hours trying different watch faces, combinations of setting etc to no avail.  This is VERY frustrating.  Please let us know if you are even exporing a fix.  We as consumers expect that problems like these be fixed quickly since we have paid alot of money for your product.  This problem, coupled with the Gesture causing essentially a nullification of the display time out setting has been very confusing.......


Personnaly, I prefer the display to keep my brightness setting no matter what happens.  I know this may make AOD less of a "power saving" mode.  Maybe you could make "auto-brightness adjust in AOD" an option or something but this should be addressed.  Also, you should let the user community know what is going on...


Since brightness level 3 on a watch face is unuseable for me, this is what I do.  It's far from Ideal but it's better than no response....

  1.  Set display brightness to your desired value.

  2.  Set display timeout to your desired value.

  3.  Turn OFF "Auto Low Brightness"

  4.  Toggle "Watch Always on to OFF

  5.  Turn "Wake Up Gesture" OFF (If you don't it will override your display time out value to around 3-4 seconds!


When you do follow the above the display will turn off but you can turn it back on by pressing Home at it will keep your previous brightness setting.  Like i said, this is not ideal but it makes things reasonably workable for me....

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