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Galaxy Watch Rapid Battery Drain


With my watch I've never been able to surpass two days, one and a half day at the most. My battery started really suffering three days ago, as my watch bearly reaches 40 minutes. Im really enjoing the clock and the features that comes with it, but the battery is so bad it's unusable. If sombody could help me, it would be real good as I don't really now what to do at this point.

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My watch lasts four to five hours after a full 8 hours on the charger. Can anyone help please?

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I agree. Same with me. Mine is linked to my 4G Samsung Galaxy
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It's actually getting a lot worse day by day


All I can say is that Ive been using my watch for over 1 year now and it has been very stable since the first few months of bad battery life. (posted earlier in this thread)
I regularly get 4 days life out of my 42mm BT watch - I was struggling to get 24 hours before.

All I did was reset the watch. When setting it up from factory reset you are asked to accept a few things - reject everything if possible. There is a setting that constantly sends diagnostic info to samsung and a setting for samsung customisation service which drains battery in background.


My settings are:

minimal widgets, maybe 5 or 6

brightness 4, timeout 15s, auto brightness disabled

wake on tap and button only, not movement or dial

no AOD

dark watchface

do not disturb on schedule

dont use it for sleep tracking (terrible anyway)

BT on and connected to phone permenantly

Wifi off permenently

occasional NFC payments, only turn on when needed

and if I remember airplane mode at night. You could turn off at night but the settings on my watchface reset after restart which is a pain.

Everything else is stock, so my biggest drain (25%) is samsung health which I keep active for everything.

Workout detetion is on but not location tracking.


Ever since doing this I can get 4 days easy.

It all works as expected now but samsung pay is very hit or miss and my biggest complaint. Everythime the app or service updates, I need to remove and add cards again or they dont work.

Hope this helps

Seems to me that Samsungs watch is a con.. sad because their phones are so good. Also there is no after sales backup. Stores are useless.
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I just got my watch a few weeks ago. I had to send it back for the battery draining so fast. I recently got the replacement and same thing . Could it be because of reception? This is a shame since it was so much and the point in getting this one was to have access to service without my phone on me .

Hi Lisa09!

4G/LTE connection can drain your battery fast, and that's not something unusual, especially if you have poor reception. I use 4G/LTE on my watch very rarely and only if I have to, I mean only if I can't carry my phone with me for some reason.

With good 4G/LTE reception, I can get some 10-12 hours of battery life on a single charge, so you should be able to go through the day, but don't expect too much. If your watch works properly, I mean there's no battery draining issue due to some sort of bug or a faulty app, you should see approximately 10% of battery drain per hour, sometimes more sometimes less depending on the reception and how often your watch wants to connect e.g. to get some data or to feed some apps.

I can only suggest you don't stay connected to 4G/LTE all the time and you only enable it when you really need it. As I mentioned, you should be able to get through the day anyway, but maybe it's not necessary. Good luck!

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