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Galaxy Watch Rapid Battery Drain

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Mine went back today, which is a real shame because functionality (beyond battery life) and aesthetics was exactly what I wanted. What is the best way to keep track of updates? I'd consider buying again if the battery issue is resolved.

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Battery wont last 8 hours.
What do I do
The last update to One UI a week ago seemed to have solved the battery drain issue on my device (Galaxy Watch 4G 42mm). The battery life is still not so great when on 4G network only as it'll last some 12 hours, but at least the rapid drain issue seems to be solved now. Otherwise, I get up to 4 days of battery life on a single charge when connected via BT. Try updating to One UI and see if it works for you.
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Had my watch a week and was initially disappointed with the battery having come from Fitbit Versa which had great battery life.


However, I've found turning off Wi-Fi and location  when not needed has made a huge difference. Makes no difference to watch functionality and reckon I'll now get over 2 days on a charge.


Other than this the watch is everything I had hoped!

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1 week ago my galaxy watch 46mm battery started to drain and it won't last for 8 hours. Today my watch has stopped charging. 

What should I do ?

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I had the exact same problem... battery life went down by ~1/2 after the watch software updated.



- Backup your watch settings first, via the Galaxy Wear app on your phone

- On the watch, go to settings and complete a Reset

- Restore your watch settings using the Galaxy Wear app


Worked like a charm for me.


I'm having the same problem!  

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I have had a serious problem with the battery the last couple weeks after an update.  I am lucky to get 8 hours on it and then it dies. It was fine before the update. 


I can't even get a whole day now! I use to get almost 2 days. 

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I have the same problem batery from last update  only 1 day.


Tonight i had 48% battery had i had a night mode and plane mod. After wake up my batery The battery was 7%.  I am angry.

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