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Galaxy Watch Quality

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So I eagerly upgraded my Gear S3 to the Galaxy Watch on release as I wanted the 4g eSim for gym etc...


Watch received, back sensor a little loose, but with it being a BRAND NEW watch I foolishly thought that must be normal for there to be a little movement. Fast forward 6 months, the back has come off and Samsung Repair have quoted me £50 to fix it, the reason being I dropped it. I say I dropped it, the actual fact is I have not dropped it, I know what dropping things does, have dropped things and have had to pay to repair things I have dropped. They say I dropped it based on quite what I don't know!


Have spoken to numerous people, made numerous calls to try and find someone that will see take the time to perform a simple Google to see that I'm not the first person this has happened to and I won't be the last.


I've spent 45 minutes this evening on hold having called Samsung as the call I was promise today did not materialise. Was told I should have known the fact it was slightly loose was an issue and basically it is my own fault. Brilliant customer service!!


I've an S10+, Gear S3, Tab S4, Galaxy Watch (of sorts) and know when a breakage is my fault!


The service (or lack of) recieved has really opened my eyes up to how Samsung view their customers.


Every year come upgrade time I think about a Pixel. This is sadly the year I'll take the leap.


Anyway this is a warning to anyone thinking about a Galaxy Watch to either pay for insurance or be prepared to be disappointed.

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A similiar situation happened to me!  I've had my Samsung Galaxy Watch Active for 6 months and the back cover came loose, it's just glued on. I called Samsung to have it repaired (under 1 year warranty), but the customer service (who spoke broken English and was difficult to understand) person was unable to issue a service repair order unless I gave them my credit card to charge $107.   I told her that it was a manufacturing issue; I had not dropped it, I had not damaged it in any way and I was not going to give them $107 up front.  She said that if they determined it wasn't a repair due to damage, they would credit my card. I said that was unacceptable because the watch did not fall apart because of anything I did, except wear it every day.  I was on the phone for 30 minutes, because the customer service person tried to re-enter the repair order numerous times but the system wouldn't allow her to issue it unless the customer paid up-front!  

Beware!  Samsung is not customer-friendly or concerned about keeping customers happy.  This is the last time I buy a Samsung product and I will be switching to Apple, including my S10 once I will upgrade to a new phone.

My son has an iPhone and he's had warranty repairs done without any hassle, even replaced an iPhone without any problems after it was malfunctioning. 

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