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Galaxy Watch One UI update?


Afternoon all!


Was just curious, looking at videos of the new Galaxy Watch Active, and refrenced on the product page, is the new One UI.


I would assume, like the recent phones, that the Galaxy Watches would get updated to match?


Not seen anything about this posted anywhere so thought this'd be the best place to ask? 

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Screenshot_20190527-184708_Galaxy Watch PlugIn.jpg


To answer my own question, today is when its coming out


The update should be live, in the UK at least, for all versions of the Galaxy Watch, its installing on mine now

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Samsung watches have tizen on them @The_sandman 


To which I think the most recent updated version is Tizen


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Thanks for the reply!


Mmhm, my Galaxy Watch is on Tizen so close enough 


But if you go to the product page for the Galaxy Watch Active and scroll to the very bottom, it mentions One UI for the watch.


I know it doesn't look that much different, but it'd be nice if my watch matched my phone haha

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Yes I agree, Galaxy Watch should be updated with One UI too. Hope Samsung hears this.

Waiting patiently for one UI for my 42mm watch 

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I think all the watches run on Tizen. It's just the new galaxy active has the one UI plastered on top. It's pretty much the same but looks a little more colourful .I have to say I like it and would prefer to have it on my galaxy watch .But you have to take into account that the active watch is a completely different build to the galaxy watch. So I'm not to sure that the one UI would look quite so good on the galaxy watch. 

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Yes, Samsung, please update the Galaxy Watch to One UI.


Biggest feature added with One UI: 2 quick settings pages on the swipe down menu. Would save so much time and battery!


One UI spotted on FOTA



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what does that mean?

Where do you see one ui in that screenshot?????

Update wiil arrive soon?

Please explain



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Is there some news related to the Galaxy Watch update?
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