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Galaxy Watch One UI update?

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So has the Active now been updated to One UI from Tizen OS?


Which presumably means it has access to Google Playstore? If so that'd be brilliant as there are hardly any third party apps available on Tizen.


No it has not been updated from Tizen - The Active still runs Tizen but has  One UI added to it. The Active watch has a later version of Tizen. We can all assume that the Galaxy Watches will get this update but no time frame has been given. Ive asked Samsung on many occasion and the same answer is given to me each time " No date for software update" Hopefully the delayed software update is to fix the issues relating to steps conting / Heart Rate and floors climbed. My step counter is so off accuarcy its embarrasing for samsung and its a global issue for a lot of Galaxy watch owners. Thats the only reason I can think of for such a long delay in updating the OS for the Galaxy watch


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To answer my own question, today is when its coming out


The update should be live, in the UK at least, for all versions of the Galaxy Watch, its installing on mine now

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Has anyone found a way to turn the new charge icon off as it's now lighting up my room at night 🤔 it's the only thing I dislike about this update.

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Got my update today.


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