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Galaxy Watch: Heart Rate and Stress are useless


I'm terribly disappointed with my Galaxy Watch. I'm using it since day one (pre-order on-line together with my Note 9).


I have A LOT of problems with heart rate and stress trackers. Almost all the time, I don't see a proper result on my screen, all I see is a "Measuring..." message. The watch trying and trying to detect HR and stress. How can I ***TRUST*** this? Specially during exercises? Even during exercises, the trackers failure many times.


The watch is correctly placed. The sensors (the green light) are clean. The trackers are set to measure HR and stress continuously. I rarely sweat. But the problem persists, no matter if I'm on an exercise or very calm on my couch.


Before this Galaxy Watch, I had a HUAWEI WATCH 2. This kind of problem NEVER ocurred. Always PERFECT.


Now I search Google and find lots of people complaining about the same thing about the Galaxy Watch, month after month. Where's the fix? What a shame, Samsung.

Totally agree. One of the main reasons I bought the watch was to move away from my polar sports watch.. Totally regret it now!!

The HR measurements are really bad, with frequent wrong measurements and dropouts. I am selling mine and getting a Garmin Fenix. 


The bottom line is you cant trust it in its present form. The HR especially is pretty much pointless for me at least which in turn affects the calorie count, this renders any workout stats useless as you cant gage intensity or compare against other workouts.


I am resigned to using the GW as a smartwatch only, if they fix in the future all good but Im not sure they will now, they have had over 7 months and are now releasing another watch, presumably with the same software & issues.


Its a shame as it has so much potential to be the market leader

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