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Galaxy Watch GPS inaccurate in Samsung Health


When mountain biking the gps tracking is horribly off track. It seams to be not logging often enough. Any fix fof this? You can see on the images below tht white being the actual track and the blue being the tracked ride. No, there is no track beside the white ones. Its really far out. There is no way my times can be accurately measured.Screenshot_20181012-212628_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20181012-212616_Samsung Health.jpg



Really? Nothing? 

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If you check forums you will see a recurring accuracy issue with GPS, step count and HRM on the Galaxy Watch. What angers me the most is how Samsung Support handles this. If you check forums, people contacting support are told that they are the first persons to experience these issues..... I got that story too, just until I sent them a long list forum entries and web articles/reviews pointing out these issues.......

No known solution atm. Support basically knew nothing, only said it would most likely be fixed with future software updates - "have you tried re-booting the watch?"

Returned my watch today. Sadly though cos I really liked the watch for everything but the fitness tracking.


Another ride, another ***** gps. ItsI not even slightly close. Ill just go back to taking my phone with me. Honestly what is the point of even having the watch. Autopause pauses every few seconds so I need that off. I have to restart the watch every time to get heart rate monitor working. Youd expect this from their first or even second smart watch but not wit this.Screenshot_20181015-210814_Samsung Health.jpg



When I go for a MTB ride actually the GPS on my watch seems OK, but the Alti-barometer widget... that's a whole different story. And the completely insane values that it outputs are laughable at best. And those, unfortunately, have a very negative effect on everything that uses those values for data generation, like the Samsung Health!!

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