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Galaxy Watch - Connection Problems with Music Control


Just got a 42mm Galaxy Watch, it was such a trouble getting it paired up with my Nokia 6 - The watch doesn't like any Nokia devices - but now it finally works almost 100%.


When going to Music, it tells me to connect to my phone first, even though it's already connected. When playing music from my phone, it detects the music normally, even tells that music is playing, but going into the Music controls, it still wants a Bluetooth connection.


Is there any fix for this?

Funny, the Watch even shows the album cover of the song currently playing, still wants a Bluetooth connection.
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I have the same problem with Galaxy Watch 46mm + Nokia 6.1 plus.

I could not control music from Watch, but it displays album cover.

Dear Samsung, please make a public announcement that Galaxy Watch is compatible only for Samsung mobiles.

So that people like me would not buy Samsung Watch for other Android Mobiles.

CarlH Moderator

Hi @sasi1212 . This link will provide you with a list of all compatible Android phones. Please note that Nokia isn't listed. Hope this helps.


Nokia is the one who causes the issues, now on Android 9, my Nokia 6 is as good as scrap metal, everything broke, nothing helps.

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Time to post a sale ad of my 46mm, as I dont see any hope on Samsung to widen the supportability.
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