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Galaxy Watch Active Sleep Tracking

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I have the same issue in the Galaxy Watch Actice.

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I tried this last night, it doesn’t work


Is anybody from Samsung here?

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Same here. I switch from FitPro and never had this issue. With Active it stops for about 2 hours a night.just a big blank spot. Samsung any thoughts?

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My expierence: same problems as described -> 3 out of 4 nights, sleep pattern is broken in 2 parts . Sometimes for only a few minutes, some times a few hours.

My solution for now: i recharge my watch mostly at evening a few hours before sleep.  After the recharge, I reboot the watch (press the lowest button 5 secs) (when i go to sleep I set the goodnight modus but i already did this when i had the problems) Since I do the reboot (now 7 times) my sleeppattern has never been interrupted again.

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I'm surprised no one from Samsung has commented on this issue. It is appalling! I am very disappointed!!!

I'm surprised your surprised.

Honestly, they have no interest in after sales care

I have a galaxy watch coming from gear sport and all the tracking is worse (step count, sleep tracking and auto activity). Would often track me as sleeping while sitting  


The GWA is definitely buggy, which is a shame because it has potential.  I've only had it a week so far and have had the following problems:

1.  Massive battery drain... it was draining as much as 20% per hour while not using anything battery intensive such as GPS or tracking a workout.  This seemed to be fixed by removing any downloaded watch faces and changing several settings through the gear app... now it has about the same battery life as my fit 2, which is fine... but now I'm nervous about downloading any watchface or apps or changing any settings.


2. Erratic HR tracking.  It would randomly show my resting HR as 120+ bpm when my normal resting HR is around 58.  I turned off the auto stress tracking and this seems to have mostly fixed this issue.  I shouldn't have to avoid using features of the watch for it to work properly though...


3. Poor sleep tracking performance.   The first 2 nights I used "good night mode" and the entire night of sleep was tracked but it only showed a few minutes of deep sleep and counted every minute that the mode was turned on as sleep... even when I clearly wasn't sleeping.  I stopped using the good night mode and started having gaps of a couple of hours in the middle of the night where it doesn't track my sleep (or doesn't display it in Samsing Health).  I even tried turning off REM tracking to allow it to just use motion tracking and the large gaps still exist.  My Gear Fit 2 did not have issues with sleep tracking... it was incredibly accurate at detecting sleep from the minute I fell asleep to when I woke up and even picked up the occasional nap without issue.  


I really like a lot about the GWA, but the issues above are really souring the experience and have me considering returning it and going back to my Fit 2.  


I can't even find how to access the sleep tracking, errant or not.  I had a couple of Gear Fit 2s and most of the info is similar even if laid out differently.   I have scanneed  Did I delete something?   I bought the Galaxy Watch Active at the end of April.   What am I missing?   Did they remove it from with new activiations because it was buggy? 


i HAVE FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!   It looks correct for sleep last night!  

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