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Galaxy Watch Active Right Wrist


Hi everyone,

does anyone know if it is possible to set up the galaxy watch active for left handed? More precisely, rotate the screen 180° to have the buttons on the direction of the hand and not of the arm?

Thank you!

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I just made my first phone call with my new galaxy watch. Since I'm left handed and have the watch on my right arm, I had to put my elbow up near my ear for the microphone to hear my voice clearly.
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I don't think so. There are many discussions about how people just put it on the right wrist with the buttons pointing to the right (so theat the bezel numbers are not flipped...). But that's really awkward regarding the microphone as the poster below mentions too.


Custom faces don't allow the rotation of the screen and I have not found any option to rotate the face so far.


Probably an oversight in usability research. Pity.

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