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Galaxy Watch Active Average Pace

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Hello Samsung


I recently purchased this watch and use it for road running. 


Could average pace please be added to the work out screen.


Current pace isn't a useful statistic for road running. Strava offer average, but they're asking subscription money for heart rate information which is a total joke.


Please consider this, it's a very important feature to road runners.

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Totally Agree... 


ahhhhh, is this why when i look at my pace during a run it's not the same as my mile pace? This has been bugging me for awhile. I also hope Samsung adds this feature.

We have been asking for this for years and I really thought with the new One UI it might be there as it's meant to be more health focused. It's not. Samsung is not listening.
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Yes, please add average pace! I use Strava, but the font is so small I, struggle to see the pace. 

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Hi all. 


We pitched this at our developers, and they've responded that they're considering adding average values on the workout screen during a workout - along with the ability for a user to change types of data for that. They haven't specified a timescale (they never do), but it's definitely something they're keen on doing. 


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