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Galaxy Watch 46mm show all steps


My Galaxy Watch (46mm) currently only shows steps from the watch itself, not all steps. I would like to see all steps on the display so I know where I'm at for the day without having to open the S Health app on my phone and filter to all steps. 


Also will there be any further updates to the accuracy of the steps? I've had my watch on all day and my phone on my desk for the most part but somehow the phone registered more steps than the watch did... which doesnt make sense.


Doing some searching online I can see this is a common issue for people. I purchased the Galaxy Watch primarily for the fitness aspect so this is frustrating. I like the watch and it seems like a software issue.

Will there be any updates? If not, I will sadly be returning the watch

Have you managed to view 'All steps' directly on your watch?

Since the one ui / tizen update all steps are now showing on my samsung watch...

Also on the samsung health app i can no longer see my galaxy watch steps, i can only see All steps and phone steps!

Is this the case for anyone else?

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same for me, very annoying.  I prefer to see on the watch just what was recorded on the watch and there appears to be no setting to change this for the watch. Now on the phone, my only options are to see all steps, the phone steps and the third option is an old device I unsynced from the phone when I got my Samsung Galaxy watch, which of course always shows 0 as it isn't paired with the phone.  Have to wonder what Samsung is thinking sometimes. 


On, and worse, the nice popup on the watch that shows the tracking of steps in big green font in the centre of the display, the time in the activity at the bottom and the actual time at the top is now broken. It shows the first time I hit approximately 10 mins but then disappears and I don't see the ongoing status of my acticvity, just the final results after I finish. So I am now changing watch faces just prior to starting to get one with a big step count display. Was this update tested? 


I like that I can now see my total amount of steps taken on my watch. However it could of been optional in the settings for user discretion.

In regards to the green activity steps disappearing after a while. I have noticed that if its still tracking there's the shoe symbol at the top and you can tap on it to open the activity stats again.

Yea, same here.
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When I click on the shoe symbol it takes me to a static value of the step count at the time I looked. It used to show a continual update of steps every time I brought my watch up to my face. 

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