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Galaxy Watch 46mm not showing incoming calls

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I have checked volulme, not an issue, I have checked notifications, not an issue.  I stil cannot receive calls on my watch,  I can hear incoming calls on my S9 but call is not recognized by watch indicated by ringtone.

I am considering reset on watch.  When I first set up watch with Gear app on my S9 I was receiving calls indicated by ringing/ringtones, now nothing.

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@Waldingo wrote:

Yeah, that is the same for me too. 

I had the same problem regarding not receiving incoming calls, but was able to make calls. 

I contacted EE and they reset the ESim ... it worked fine after that. 

Who is EE?  How do you reset the ESim?


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@Skywood wrote:


Who is EE?  How do you reset the ESim?


EE is a network/carrier in the UK. For resetting an eSIM it's best to get in touch with the relevant network.


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@Skywood, @AntS   gave you the relevant  advice but just for info EE (used to be known as Everything Anywhere) and is now part of the BT group (British Telecom)   ee


My watch doesn't show incomming calls after my S9 updated to the horrible android 9 Pie....

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I have the same problem

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