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Galaxy Watch 46mm Not counting steps


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After a whole day wearing both Vivoactive 3 and GW on the same arm, the Vivoactive won by 200 steps.

HR on GW was about the same as the Vivoactive, ONLY losing the HR 3 times. Now, testing sleep mode.

Don't forget to keep heart rate taking on continuous to get the four stages. I've hardly ever had any deep sleep so will be interesting too see what you get recorded. 

I had my first deep sleep recorded last night, not sure why though. I did have a couple of beers before bed but that wasn't the first time 😁


@lisafox16 - Ok I think, not a lot different to be honest.


Steps are the same, HR still breaking up during workouts and graphs through day are still broken as before. Did an hour circuit training this morning and HR tracked perhaps 60% of it, removed it twice to clean and make sure was a little further up but still kept losing it.


The watch face I use however continued to track HR throughout the workout so all not lost. Calories still down on expected, no deep sleep and no Nightmode prompt on this one. Battery still good though, on for 4 days same as first.


Only thing Ive noticed with new firmware is the alert during workout that tells me its lost HR tracking, that never happened on the old watch, helpfful I suppose and a sure sign that they know somethings not right or why include it?


I may buy a 42mm tommorrow and try a workout with that, Im wondering if the 46mm may be a little too big for my small wrists, anything worth a try at the moment.

Thanks for reporting back Gary.

Your findings above go only to show that this is not a HW issue.
I hope they will fix these soon, however, I don't regret returning it as it was not working for the intended use at least in my case.

It seems like it's a great smartwatch, probably the best out there, but at the same time a very flawed fitness tracker...

Haha! So no different then?! Good point about the size of the watch. I think that is why I'm setting slight improvements with heart rate with me wearing it further up the arm and tighter, away from my narrower wrist bone area. Obviously with a bigger watch the placement is more important as the back of the watch has got to be flat and tight. It's just that I don't like the rose gold at all and find the all black a little masculine. I'm coming from a S3 Classic which I really liked. As I've seen improvements I'm still optimistic that over time, not straight away, we'll see an update with a few improvements. I'm not doing high impact workouts so not seeing such terrible heart rate data as you so whether you can wait that long I don't know. Good luck!


Another review with identical issues to us:-


I understand people talking about moving the watch further up the arm and Samsung explicitly mention this in their manual. How far is far up though? I wear mine a little bit up naturally anyway. In addition, my Garmin Forerunner was located in exactly the same location and NEVER had one problem with the HR. Ever. So either Samsung's hardware is inferior, which I would be surprised with given it is far newer than my old Forerunner, or the software is not working as expected. I am really hoping the latter and it gets resolved without needing to return/replace.


I'm hoping it's software. I'd be very surprised if it was hardware. 


Yeh, after 6 weeks of trying I really am wondering if it's the way it's set on my wrist, probably grasping at straws I know.


I moved it an inch or so up this morning but the edge was still on my wristbone and felt far from comfy to the point I couldn't stop thinking about it during the workout.


I've read quite a few posts now where 42mm users say their tracking is great, my wrists, in fact my while body is small

So possibly worth a go for a few days.


Maybe I'm asking for too much, GW is deffo the best looking and has great functions but for me bad tracking..TicWatch has great tracking I'm told, doesn't look as nice, no voice call options and not swim proof but does have Google Assistant which I do use a lot.


Huawei GT seemingly won't run Wear OS so no GA but really long battery life.


Confusing when it really shouldn't be, if Samsung could sort the tracking and the chap on xda forums sorts the Google Assistant app for Tizen, I'd be content 🤣



@lisafox16 - Great find with that review btw, nice app she was using too, may give it a go on Monday

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Anyone has problem with the floor counter? These few days GW counted more than 50 floors but I hardly climb any stairs

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