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Galaxy Watch 46mm Not counting steps

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Similar issue for me, the Watch doesn't start counting until I have walked around 15-20 steps then is ok. If I do small movements nothing is counted.

Same problem here.

I have the 42mm but having exactly the same issue. I am also having problems with activity tracking. The calories recorded are way off. I think there may be an issue with the heart monitor as the BPM is blank.


I have the 42mm watch and every time I wake up with it, it doesn't count my steps until like the middle of the day. Very disappointed


It's not great but for me it seems like a software issue with mine as it is counting steps but seems to take 20 to 30 steps before it starts counting so when pottering around the house it generally counts nothing but when I go on dog walks etc it seems to be fine. But if it takes 20 to 30 steps to get going every time you stop it soon adds up and is very disappointing 

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Having the same issue.  Walked around this morning for about an hour and then my watch told me to get up and start moving while I was walking.  I checked the step counter and it was still at around 330 steps.  Then walked for a few minutes.  My phone counted the steps.  My watch was still at 330.  I will be returning the watch today. 



I'm in the UK and have the exact same problem with the 46mm model. Just like you I love the watch and don't want to return it but for £300 I expect the device to work properly. I'm hoping there is a software fix. 

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Same here; I'm cabin crew and when wearing a fitbit would walk around 12,000 steps each galaxy watch so far has only recorded around 3000 a shift. 


Really expected better for £300 :/


I'm waiting for a response from Samsung tech, I wish they would admit there is a problem but they seem happy to let you return it rather than try and solve the problem.


I did see a response on the US forum that they were issuing a software update but they have had the watch longer than the UK and no one has said if it's been resolved yet

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Any idea how to fix this mine not counting steps and one reason I wanted it. 

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