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Galaxy Watch 46mm Not counting steps


I've been running my chores at home for the last hour from one room to the other, making breakfast, tidying up, back to my desk to answer some emails, then to my room to pack up, Then toilet, then kitchen again... 

Total step count in the last hour: 0

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I usually arrive home with about 2500-3000 steps, and then until I sit down to watch a movie or something, about 9-10 pm, I have about 6000 steps or more. This has not changed in the last few days with the watch.

Anyway, I know it's not accurate and it would be nice that the threshold could be changed by the user (20 steps, 2 steps etc).


I'm happy it's inaccuracies don't affect your step counting. It is still far from accurate and it misses about an 80% of my steps when I work.

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Before I bought it, I read all these pages, and also the pages in the other topic, on, and I think this issue will not be solved, as many of the problems are common to the previous Samsung watch. Unfortunately :(


If the Apple watch would work with Android just fine, I think that would be a better option. I bought a refurbished Series 3 from the Apple USA site for $239 for my wife and the build quality is amazing. Also the battery is just fine, 2-3 days with moderate activities/calling/notifications.


Too bad Samsung does not put more effort into this smartwatch and the software in it. Also Google and Qualcomm should be on the wall of shame, the lack of competition or interest tends to make Samsung the only viable alternative to the Android Wear, besides the fitness dedicated devices.


I wanted an activity tracker with some extra features that looked like an actual watch for daily use. This watch is simply not delivering.

Samsung's management of the issue is what has made me lose all my confidence in them and it is what has made them lose a customer who spends a fair amount of money on technology. I can't risk buying another lemon off them. 


I was planning to wait for the new phone, s10 but now after this watch... Hell no! 

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Same here, I'm so annoyed about the galaxy watch that I'm tempted to sell my note 9 and stay clear of samsung in future.

The lack of feedback from Samsung is unacceptable......🖕


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True... More tha 2 weeks from the last update... Shame on you, Samsung, we want a fix for this ASAP. 


I want to share an update on my repair. I left the watch with Samsung Surrey Quays Repair Center last week. Today I went to pick it up. They didn't even bother to put back the straps, just gave me the watch to do it myself. Appaling but... When I finally put the watch on my wrist, I noticed that the bezel was giving like a cliking sound when tapped. I don't recall that was the case prior to repair. It seems that the watch wasn't assembled correctly and it was left loose. When I told that to the person handling the repair, they told me it's fine! He went to check against all the other watches they repaired and all of them were doing exactly the same thing; they didn't have a new watch to compare against, only the ones they already fixed which is not really a benchmark to be trusted. I was told that I can take it or leave it. When I called Samsung, they told me more or less the same thing. In the end I was told they will have a look at it again and let me know. I have paid for the watch with a credit card, I'm starting a dispute under Consumer Credit Act 1974,  section 75. I believe that Samsung made false claims with regards to their product and I want them to refund the money. The product they sold me, and clearly to others, does not meet the descritpion provided by Samsung. 7 days on a single charge? Step Counter? HR monitor? Sleep tracking? None of these statements are true which misleads all the customers.

The bottom line is: avoid at all costs. Return it while you can.


P.S. When I talked to one of the represenatives in the repair center, he told me they receive 4, maybe 5 watches for repair a week! That's mad! The issue is with the hardware, not software. The sensors are getting damaged, the only way to fix it, it is to replace the whole motherboard. That's what they did with mine.


Could someone confirm that issue of the noise from the bezel itself? When I sligtly tapped it, it gave that noise of metal hitting metal. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there when I left it to be repaired. 

My bezel doesn't make that noise...
We have not had any feedback from anyone with their watch repaired though, have we? Was yours counting the steps properly?
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