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Galaxy Watch 46mm Not counting steps

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Mine went back. I sent it off for repair and it came back with the same problem. I was still waiting for the free duo charger that never was delivered. Fed up with them, so I'm now in the process of getting a refund (let's see how quick that is) poor service from Samsung. 


Thats excatly why I jumped today, mine was a pre-order direct from Samsung so only had until Friday to return.


I now have another 28 days cooling period with new device, if there is a software issue I'm guessing they will resolve or at least acknowledge it by then... To be honest if they dont then they dont deserve our money and time spent testing it for them..


Like you I would have been happy to wait if they actually admitted a fault, its the denial and assurance there is no problem which annoys me..


Lets see what happens Monday 


Fingers crossed everything's going to be ok with your new unit.


Please keep us informed!


Did an indoor spin bike today and heart rate was good,  but did tighten my strap.  

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So (not that I'm an Apple fan), but Apple can fix the "chargegate" scandal in a matter of days with iOS 12.1 in beta, but Samsung are completely silent on this........  I have read that so many people have returned their devices, myself included x2

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have to say...i wonder if it is anything to do with the tightness of the strap for people with step issues? only wondering because i dont have trouble with mine counting steps...but the other morning i was up and around for 2 hours and had no steps registered at all...i then noticed my watch strap was on a hole different to normal - so i tightened it and hey presto it started tracking...just a thought for others....


No issues with tightness. I'm from a sport watch background, specifically Garmin so I'm aware of the need to wear an optical heart rate sensor in the correct location and to have it tight enough. 

Well, I have some interesting findings:

This afternoon I did a bit of cycling (both outdoors and on an indoor exercise bike) as well as 15 minutes of rowing machine.
In all occasions HR monitoring was consistent throughout the exercise.
However, when I tried to run on a treadmill the known issue returned...

This leads me to believe there is a conflict between the pedometer and the HR sensor when both sensors get activated at the same time for ''running'' mode.

I also ruled out the possibility of ''the sweaty arm''' as in all cases above I got sweaty.

All in all, I'm more inclined than ever towards the theory that there is a software issue and not a hardware defect.

Thanks GTJ, that's very interesting to know. I really hope it is a software issue. Mine never counts steps correctly but has anyone ever noticed either of these issues which might be related:


I have the heart rate sensor set to 'always on' as I also like to track my sleep more accurately (or not as the case may be). Every night it has said I had 0% deep sleep, until this morning when it said I had 12% deep sleep but 0% REM sleep! Most of it was light sleep apparently. 


Also when I try to manually take my heart rate, roughly 50% of the time is won't read it but pops up with an error saying that I have to clean the sensor and remeasure. 


Lots of heart rate sensor issues being mentioned on this thread...


I have until tomorrow I think to return it so I think I may have to, though I love everything else about this watch! 


I almost never have any deep sleep showing or occasionally 5 or 10 minutes right at the beginning. Tiny bits of REM sleep but almost all light sleep. Now when I wear my S3 which only tracks movement at night I have tons of motionless which to me equates to deep sleep. Hope this gets sorted out soon with an update. Quite confident it will. Keeping mine though and not sending back as I figured if they then confirm it's hardware they'll have to exchange it then anyway or repair. 

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