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Galaxy Watch 46mm Not counting steps





Can someone that has replaced their watch post up what software version they have?
I have 46mm pre ordered with version R800XXU1ARH1

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Yes I'd be keen to find out a little more of your experience as I'm deciding what to do now too. 


Hi, @GaryBrett

Yes I'm in the UK. 

I didn't check the software version on the one I sent back but this on is running Tizen 4, software version R800XXU1ARH1, Knox version 2.3.0


Attached are some screenshots of my heart rate being measured.















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Gary, your first heart rate graph is exactly how my hourly graph has been all day. Lots of gaps and spikes. 


I am going to turn off email notifications on this thread (as I think I am pretty much 'there' with the watch) but thought I would post my final thoughts here first. 

The only potential issue (apart from annoying Spotify app design) I had from day one was I wasn't sure if the battery was performing as intended. I called Samsung, explained I wasn't sure and they replaced the watch within 5 days (including weekend).  So I can't really fault Samsung (apart from duo charger still hasn't arrived but I am sure it will). Can't tell yet if the battery is better but I will keep the watch either way. 

For me, there isn't another watch which is 5 ATM, has offline music, can receive notifications and answer calls etc with the added bonus of fitness tracking in the £250-£270 price range (which also looks good).

Note I added fitness tracking last. It really isn't a primary focus for me. As long as steps are within 5-10% that is more than enough for me (that level of discrepancy is probably on 20-30kcal at the end of the day imo).  If I walk for 15 steps, stop; it doesn't show in the step total but will be added to the total when I walk again (within that 5-10% variance). Tracking the number of floors isn't again a thing I need to do but clearly, the Galaxy watch as shown in previous Youtube video falls short here. HRM seems to work for me. Has it stopped occasionally, yes? But I have had full nights sleep of full tracking. Same during walking.  But that said, I am not sure why I need HRM on all the time. It doesn't really provide me with anything info I need. 

As this is my first venture into smartwatches I was always unsure how I would use such a watch. I bought it knowing in a year's time I could sell it on eBay and change to something else once I did know. 

I noticed Google aren't bringing out their anticipated watch this year (if ever). There are some great new sports-centric watches coming out like the Sunnto 9 but it is big and about 50% more expensive as the Galaxy watch. So unless you like Apple products I don't see a better watch in its price range for me. 

I understand why fitness tracker users moving from specific fitness tracking devices may be unhappy but I think the watch is smartwatch with fitness tracking rather than a fitness tracking with smartwatch capabilities. 

Just my $0.02, your experiences and opinions could well be different.


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My steps & floors climbed have been showing zero for the last two day, spoke to Samsung today & they are sending me a new watch, obviously there must be a fault, worth a phone call/chat
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I have the same problem on my 42 in rose. Doesn't register steps and in comparing with phone which is t always on my person the phone has more than the watch! 




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Gary, your first heart rate graph is exactly how my hourly graph has been all day. Lots of gaps and spikes. 

Hi @GaryBrett

I havent done any real exercise wearing the watch yet. Now I know it works ok inI going to get to the gym tomorrow and see how it goes.


Below are screenshots of the automatic S'Health heart measuring reads. 


Screenshot_20181002-222517_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20181002-222452_Samsung Health.jpg


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