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Galaxy Watch 46mm Not counting steps


I've had mine replaced but I've got to say it's exactly the same as the last. Sometimes it counts steps, sometimes it doesn't. A nice watch, looks stunning but as a fitness tracker ... nahhh !




I recieved mine. I dont like using it though, when charging both my S8 phone and the galaxy watch it makes them very warm. Not good. Can’t ask for my money back as it was free! 😊


They do usually get warm, all my wireless charging devices have done in the past ... it's never caused me any problems though.

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I have the exact same issue.


I'm heartbroken that I'm left with no alternative but to return this watch. I will be returning to Argos and I won't be asking for a replacement as it's clearly an issue with all of these watches. 


I've changed the settings so that the watch doesn't auto track elliptical and rowing... As I saw on a forum that should fix it. Doesn't work.


Also, Samsung hardware is fine but honestly google software is SO MUCH BETTER it's frustrating why won't they release a watch with gear OS? 






The frustrating thing is samsung wont admit the fault and wont uodate software to rectify the issues.


I love my watch but the step counter is very disapointing.


Come on samsung admit the fault and sort it out


Agree. Come on Samsung. My 28 day return, and I guess many others in the UK that received their devices on launch, is up at the end of the week. Just give us some feedback before you receive a ton of devices back. 


I wouldn't risk waiting. I would exchange while you can without arguements. 

I sent mine back, I had a bit of drama, Samsung customer services didn't have their finest hour. 

They didn't know when I was going to get my watch, when I told them to give me my money back, miraculously a watch was sent.

Anyway, the replacement watch works well. It counts steps there is a slight delay sometimes but nothing major. The steps are accurate, the heart monitor works fine. I get 3-4 days out of the battery (I have the 46mm watch) The watch now does what it should do. 

It may be a software issue, it may be a hardware issue or it may be both. I would return it and ensure you get one that works. Once the 28days runs out you may have hassle trying to get an exchange or money back. I suspect that there is a dodgy batch of watches that went out and Samsung are trying their hardest to resolve the issue without officially acknowledging it. That said the watch is lovely now I have one that works.

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Same problem here with my 42inch. Ive been waiting for an update since i got it on september 7th. The unaccuracy really bugs me and im almost sorry i switched my fitbit for a galaxy watch...


How about some news on that update Samsung? At least be clear about acknowledging the problem. I can’t really find a lot of articles about this, but a lot of people seem to have the same problem.


I was on night shift last night as Well as taking the dog to the beach on Sunday morning etc. I checked my steps when I got in to he house on Monday morning and I had done 0 steps for all of Monday and only 415 for Sunday! I've restarted it and it seems to be working now but still the software issue with not counting steps or floors round the house.



Not ideal but at least I'm getting some rewards still.


I think the ***** is going to hit the fan in the next few days as UK returns options ends, it may make Samsung admit there just may be a problem and customers will not accept the silence.


Probably too late for many, Samsung have done their brand no favours here and potentially alienated many decent customers.. They probably don't care judging by their lack of interest

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