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Galaxy Watch 46mm Not counting steps


@GaryBrett wrote:

Is that UK support? If so they have offered me that several times too, so far I have declined as have 2 weeks left until I need to decide.. Did they mention what the issue may be?

No, they did not. That's the problem. They keep all of us in the dark. If they get it to me by next Fri I'll be able to test it and compare against the one I'm using now. I'll post the results once I have it.



I do find it strange how people have different software versions, mine is running RX800XXU1ARH1, and says my software is up to date.

Yes, I'm running the same version as you. I find it strange others are running a different version too...


It appears the different software is for different countries, why that is is beyond me, surely its easier to manage & support 1 version. 


The RX800XXU1ARH1 version is definately UK at the moment, the other you mentioned R800XXU1BRH3 is I believe US? I did read somewhere, that we in the Uk wouldnt be getting that (R800XXU1BRH3) version as it wouldnt fix the issues being faced here..


Odd statement if true

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I'm from Romania. (R800XXU1BRH3)


My UK 42mm1537529929474676943603.jpg


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@Tazzz wrote:





This is unbelievable! Assuming this resolves the issue Samsung have really messed me about.

They told me to send it back, so I did. 

They said I'd have a replacement with 3 days. That didn't happen. I then spoke to a lady that said my replacement had been sent but couldn't confirm when. Then she said I should have it within 4 days, subject to stock. I then said can you confirm that you have stock in for exchanges in the UK. She couldn't answer that so I asked for my money back. Then she couldn't confirm how long that would take! 

If they just admitted this was a problem that would be resolved through an update I would have waited patiently. Instead I have been messed around and wasted time chasing this up.

I was so angry I was very tempted to sell my beloved S8 and go back to an iPhone. I was never treated like this by Apple. Then I realised that I would have to increase my mortgage to be able to afford an iPhone X, a new phone that basically does everything my S8 does and very little more. 😁.

This entire experience has left me thoroughly annoyed. Samsung seriously needs to  customerprove it service to customers.

So at some point I'll get my £300 back, I don't know when and I still don't have a smart watch.

Brilliant 👍🏾.


I am not sure that update posted above changes anything. It seems to be about the pre-planned updated which they obviously can't do during the manufacturing/distribution phase. I am fully up to date on all updates for apps etc but then I don't have issues to the degree others do. All it changed for me was battery usage to a degree. Although, I have my own issues with the Spotify app......grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

My question is though...what is the alternative. What options (non-apple)  elsewhere exist where I can get a 50ATM watch that has offline Spotify, Samsung or Google pay, notifications, receives calls and does some fitness tracking on the side?...oh and looks half decent. Not sure there are many for <£280? 


I'm not sure I've heard anyone who has that update suggesting it's fixed the fitness issues, even more unsure if we will get it in UK, it's been out over 3 weeks..


I posted something earlier with some pictures suggesting the problem maybe Samsung Health rather than the Galaxy Watch but mods didn't respond so still left guessing for now.


I sort of hope that is the problem and they let us know so we can all move on, either with Samsung, TicWatch, Garmin or whoever. 


A quick Google for tickwatch step counting show lots of unhappy users last year - maybe they are just a little bit ***** :-)

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