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Galaxy Watch 46mm Not counting steps

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It's seems to be me that the pedometer does not "wake up" fast enough because once you are walking it works fine. The delay from getting up to start recording steps is the issue. Seems like the software is putting the pedometer to sleep.


I would totally agree with that, my one certainly had exactly those problems. Once you manage to get the pedometer to wake up its fine. Hopefully Samsung are monitoring these comments which should hopefully help them find a fix.


Sokiey -  I'd agree with that completely but on my watch it definitely catches up with itself.


As sad as I am I have done quite a few tests on this, just this minute was this one:

  • From sitting checked its 2140 steps on watch
  • Got up and walked 50 steps, then stopped.
  • Watch flicked through counts and landed on 2193

Seems for me at least thats close enough, however over a 24 period its still somehow 2500 - 3500 down on Fitbit / S Health & Google Fit. Clueless where it is losing so many



Mine is R800XXU1ARH1

For me, the less than 20 steps don't trigger an update on the watch face until I do more steops but they DO seem to be included in the total when it does update. That is fine for me. 


To my mind, the issue HAS to be software related. If it can count steps at all, which it can, but isn't "waking up" initially after a period of inactivity, something in the software must be preventing that.


If it couldn't count steps at all, then I'd be querying the hardware.


I have the same issue with my watch purchased from John Lewis on Monday, but I won't be sending it back just yet. I think that any replacement watches will carry the same issue until the software update with a fix in is released.


I'm dissapointed that the latest watch hasn't undergone more vigorous testing, because this issue would have been an obvious spot for any user.


Galaxy Watch Plugin updated 12th Sept
Samsung Accessory Service updated on 16th Sept

Mine is the same


My 2 local shops are taking orders for collection from shop tuesday 25th.


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