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Galaxy Watch 46mm Not counting steps


Received my galaxy watch on Friday but no matter what I do I cannot get the step counter to work properly, I've tried all the suggested things to fix the problem but nothing works, the step count is so intermittent or dosent work at all. 


If I get up and walk around it counts nothing, jog up the stairs and it starts counting, sit down and get up again and the watch stops counting. 


I've seen alot of posts with people with the same problem and all of them returning there watches, I love the watch and don't really want to return it if it's a software issue that can be fixed.


Anyone else UK having the same issue

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Yes, having exactly same issue. Seen a lot of people reporting same issue.


Samsung is this software issue or hardware issue?


If not answer by end of today will return the watch. Really desapointing 

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Yes same issue for me, as a test I went for a walk roughly counting 1000 steps in my head. My phone shows 1008 steps and the watch 308 steps which is a fair bit out


Same thing here... Work for a bit if you restart the watch, then stops again.

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@Samsung what are you doing about it? A lot of people reporting the same issue.


For when a fix?


So I have been for a long walk out of the house and the watch has counted steps, I'm now back home and watch has stopped counting in the house.


Considering I've had my watch on since I got up but my phone has been on the side when in the house, the difference is quite big and you would expect the watch to show more steps than the phone.


Watch = 8423

Phone = 9461


I wore my Garmin watch just for the walk and that has recorded 9228, Samsung watch had about 300 steps recorded before I left the house, the watch is clearly loosing around 1000 steps. 


It's funny how it's stopped counting now I'm back home so possibly something is interfering with the watch, my Garmin works fine around the house.

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I am having exactly the same problem but mine is the 42mm watch , i have no steps at all today and Samsung aren't helping at all .

I will be returning mine tomorrow 

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Same here... Don't want to return it, but my Fitbit is way more accurate. Today I walked just under a mile & recorded 157 steps...

What's the response #samsung ??

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Same for me. The step count is way below the standards that I would expect from Samsung. I have been using a Fit bit prior to this and when at work I would get between 12000-15000 steps on a day. The last couple of days I have had the Galaxy watch on and it has only just gone above 10000 on one day (10067). I have tried everything people are saying about reseting etc. Samsung need to take this seriously as the brand is going to suffer, its not just the UK market with these problems i have seen same comments in the US.

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You got more than me , yesterday i had 0 and i was active all day ! Samsung have told me to return mine 

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