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Galaxy Watch 42mm LTE - must cool again and again since LTE activation


Dear community,
after getting my watch back from the repair center I really hoped that the constantly cooling stopped. The first days wearing it, there was no problem. But after activating the LTE , it must cool again and again. At least once a day. Even while just wearing it. After three or four times cooling of course the power is almost gone and I need to charge it.
Does anyone of you have the same problem? Is it really designed to work even when LTE is activated?

Btw I use it almost ootb. I only loaded a new watch face and removed a few of the apps (e.g. flow) that I don't need to save power.
Please tell me that I didn't waste that much money for a watch that is not able to be used independet from the phone...

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HI all,


I've had the 46mm version for a week and get exactly the same issue.  this happens while not using the watch and having disabled 4g, WIFI, and Location.  Just Bluetooth is on.  Seems like a fundamental flaw to me  judging by the amount of angst recorded online...they cant all be "faulty" units surely?

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